Monday, October 15

less than a month

it's kind of silly for me to start being healthy but at the same time still being unhealthy. i had bread + peanut butter + strawberries for late lunch/early dinner today, and after that i ate peanut butter covered with chocolate rices. stupid right lol i'm doing this because i have been feeling my heaviest lately and targeting to lose a 2-3 kilograms, yes please. oh i got this tip from 0pals b/c her body is so awesome and she lost weight so quick heheh. the tip is very simple and very useful for everyone!

anywaaaay, gita and i have been fangirling valerius over these past few weeks. we talked about valerius on bbm and discussed the girl we both did not like. and then we would fantasize if jelte was my boyfriend and kay or jesse was gita's and we we're like "OMG YES! HAHAH" "ukh i wish it was true" and more things like that. we also planned to meet up and do something for them valerius, which is why i can't wait for next year!

the soewarnos had the family gathering yesterday. i only stayed for two up to three hours because i had to dance at the peninsula hotel for the tua sama tua 26th annivesary heheh the name of the community, which means old for old,  made me giggle.

trista's and my birthday is coming less than a month! and i have made a wishlist for you guys to buy me hehehehehehehehehehe please buy me these and i will love you like no one has ever have!

so mum and dad has agreed to buy me rookie yearbook which i am very excited about!! i would love to have the combat boots because i love the movie whip it and bliss cavender's style to dress and it inspires me a lot. and the archie comics is just to complete my archie collection. i love archie so much! and my cousins would probably buy me things i didn't ask for but i still love unexpected gifts ;-)

other than things for my gifts, i asked aca to ask jelte to sing me a happy birthday song and email it to me heheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheh jelte if you're reading this (somehow) please do it tq i laf u

other than birthday wishlist, the three ways conference is coming and my portfolio is not compelted yet! i haven't colour my DIY periodic table (yes i made my DIY hand-written periodic table :-)), and i haven't print my geography painting and moon ukhhhh so much things to do.

there were three kittens born last friday, so us 10th graders decided to give it milk and name it. the one who keeps pooping was called skype, my favourite's called spike, and damar's favourite is called catti (pronounced katy). hehe i named the kitties just like arief muhammad named his new doggies.

and did you guys know that on friday the 12th oct was my cutie patootie joshy's birthday!!!! and so, trista and i decided to sharpen our fangirling skills by celebrating josh's birthday at my mum's birthday dinner!

the baby kitty, spike!
my DIY periodic table gnaaw

and my catstronaut tshirt by catsmeow has arrived! hihi having the same tee as jelte!

sorry about the lack of posting. so busy with everything and the internet has been crap.

so. this post has been fun. i'll see you when i see you lovers! <3laf br="br" laf="laf">

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