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New Discoveries

this is a post with lots of words. 

written: 19.10

On Thursday 18.10, i had my 3 ways conference and then i went to ifa's house to have a sleep over with aca, and ifa herself. we were sleeping at her house because aca, ifa, and i have this curiosity of trying new recipes! so we decided to make a chocolate cake, lasagna, and pizza! since we haven't buy the ingredients we needed, we dropped by the supermarket and bought the things we need (also accompanying ifa's mum to do her monthly shopping) in the end, we arrived at ifa's house at 7 pm, and we started cooking at 7.30. making three foods at night was a real challenge. the pain of wanting to eat them foods at night without getting fat is just over the top. good thing ifa's brother was there though, so he tasted the foods (but i sort of ate the food too hehe)

while aca and i made the lasagna, ifa started making the pizza dough. aca and i had trouble making the lasagna sauce. at first it was too dry, and then it was too liquidy, but at the end after adding tons and tons of carrots and beef, we finally got our bolognese sauce. the second lasagna sauce for the top wasn't that hard to make but it was dry so we had to keep stirring the mixture otherwise it will become some sort of eggs. we got two layers for our  lasagna. while we were waiting for our lasagna to finish, we helped ifa to decorate our homemade pizzas. 

after cooling the lasagna, we baked the pizza and continued making our last experiment: rich chocolate cake! (which turned out to be just some chocolate bolu cake) due to the absence of measuring scale, we guessed the amount of flour, baking soda, cocoa powder, sugar and all those stuffs. we weren't really sure how it would taste hehehe. we added sticky melted chocolate between two layers of cake which smelt great by the way! 

the pizza finished in 15 min and it was great! the smell of homemade pizza is better than any pizza made by any human in the world. the cake needed about half an hour until an hour to bake so ifa, aca and i went upstairs while the maids cleaned up the table. (we did help tidy things up! but the maids went on and went on how it's their job and we were not to worry about it.)

the cake smelt good and we decorated it with chocolate candies!

we finished at 12.30 and went to bed at 1.30. 

12.10 was supposed to be Almarhum pak donny's birthday, but since he isn't here to celebrate it with us anymore, i prayed for him, and my friends and i are planning to go to his grave since we haven't been there in such a long period of time. 

at 5.45, we woke up and had a walk/jog until 6.30. we took a bath, and ate breakfast. damar was suppose to pick us up at 7.30 but he just woke up at 7.30 which made everything late and we had to pick up olin and chacha at school too, which made us arrive at svp after the boys finished playing. the lost. but no worries, because one game isn't everything. we watched the debate and dang it was intense! i looooooooooove listening to debates, but i'm tired when i am debating.

at 11.30, damar, chacha, olin, ifa, aca, and i went to cibubur junction to watch a movie. we were goiong to watch rumah kentang but it wasn't playing so we watched dredd. extreme violence, but my friends said the movie was like the raid (i haven't watch the raid). at the theatre, we didn't know it was raining, and then the whole mall went off lol. look at the picture i took:

gagah was suddenly there and he turned on his lights from his phone and we made shadow puppets lol we were laughing so hard.

after watching and eating, we went to bakso mahkota to eat late lunch. the magic that happened here was:

i met my friend's mum and sister at the restaurant. while my friends and i were eating, they finished earlier. after the payed, the mum came to me, touched my shoulders, and told me, "i have paid for your lunch okay, dear" i didn't say a thing and had my shocked face there for a moment. there were the six of us and she paid everything. she was very kind yippe. the magic of being friendly yay.

and then we dropped olin and chacha off at their house, and then damar dropped us back to ifa's house.

and now i am at home, alone downstairs, with my dog, watching it's kind of a funny story.

my title is called New Discoveries because i just discovered new good music. yes, good and new. there are two bands, called milo greene and oceanics. both bands are just so awesome. i discovered them from this sick online creative pinboard by dianna agron, named you, me, and charlie. i haven't had the chance to make a new 8tracks playlist due to the lame and slow internet connection at home.

i just read one of rookie's article titled "Get Well, Malala" i just heard about malala. she was a pakistani 11 year old school girl who fought for her rights. she was shot in the head and the neck and now in recovery. rookie made a get well soon card for malala. you can read for more info here. and here is my get well soon card for malala:

 random pic: my bro scanning his palm.

end of the day convo:
exploring and experiencing new things with new friends is great, but never, ever forget the old ones, because without the old ones, you would probably wouldn't be having this experience.

i miss his laughs, his oh-so-charming looks, his go green & recycle tee shirt, and most importantly i miss his presence. 

ps: got a new page called "playlist of the time" it includes the playlist i made at my 8tracks page. it will change randomly, and i will post it's playlist title each time it changes. and i just changed my playlist from 'the exquisite pain of being left out' into 'discoveries'. happy listening!

happy holidays! (i'll be having my mid-term break until tuesday yay!)

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