Sunday, October 7

the happy october seventh

Today, i am very very happy.

At 6.15 am, i woke up at rode my bike for 45 minutes. my brother and his friend, and my parents were still soundly asleep. it feels so great to escape the unwanted air of home and just go outside for a change. at 7, i drank a glass of milk and water, and played my piano. i practiced only hope. i managed to finish until the first chorus which made me happy.

At 10 am, mum, julian, luqman and i went to rahma's house. i went there because the night before kak caroline asked me to help her teach the seventh graders to welcome the visitors from kangaroo island by performing the traditional saman dance. i needed more help, so i asked rahma, nobel and jasmine to help me teach them. meeting them again was just perfect. it's as if life has gotten back to normal.

At 12 we went to school and taught the seventh graders until 2 pm, but jasmine had to go to her piano lesson so she didn't join us after that. due to boredom and no official plans, we went to saint cinnamon and talked about school. our new schools. it seemed like that each of us has a weird problem. some of them were funny, but some of them were harsh. since i haven't found the perfect friend to spill all my oh-so-very-personal feelings to, i spilled all my feelings out there to rahma and nobel, and i was so glad to have them to listen. my story was more about how my class, not the school, has changed me. my class made me like i was the new kid, and i was the one who had to adapt (which was hard). my junior high class was completely different from my high school class. it was like the africa, and the north pole (not joking.). after we talked about our problems, and in the end laughing about it, dimas and randi came by. i missed them so much. the four of them just had their middle semester exam, and lucky me, i did not have those exams. due to their busyness, it was hard getting a date for a gathering. and this was probably the only chance. i missed dimas. having my fingers between his makes me comfortable. seeing randi's face and his hilarious it-wasn't-supposed-to-be-a-joke joke was calming. and we talked and talked and talked for hours, it was 5 pm.

We said our see-you-soon(s), held each other's hands, cheek kissed, and high five.

I dropped nobel off at her church and then i went to kemang village. it was raining heavily so the road was jammed. i arrived at the mall on time and mum was already there. i got a perfect spot, right in front of jelte. valerius had their before last gig here so i decided to come. jelte was energetic (as always). i have always admired his enthusiasm while playing music. my mum likes jessy. i smiled and laughed and danced and sang. at the end of the concert, they had a meet and greet session. i -- accidentally -- made a new friend, called kak gita. she was a year older than me so it wasn't that hard to had a conversation start. we met and greeted them valerius personals together with three other person. i hugged xander, klaas, and of course, jelte.

me to jelte: "can i stand next to you when taking a picture because i really like you"

and the rest of the room laughed.

i was very happy by that time because i won't be able to see them for a year now, and i am just super happy.

so kak gita and i separated, but we exchanged blackberry pins and twitter accounts. and we promised to make an appointment when valerius comes next year so we could watch them together!

i guess you guys would know why i was very happy today.

a) i met my friends i haven't seen in months now
b) i hugged 3 out of 5 people i admire

oh and while i was watching them perform, i realized every time jessy sang, his feet would always move like this:

sorry about the bad quality of the pictures. used my phone.

hehehe i am so observant. java soulnation pictures will come. soon.

before this ends,

i finished my mysterious of the benedict society. the three of them so happy. i bought this work book for drawing which i am in love with. see it here.

quote of the day:
We laughed because it feels good to laugh when someone makes you feel small and powerless. - Jenny Zhang

anyway, this has been a very good saturday. and i am praying so that every day would be this good.

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