Sunday, November 11

Adelaide Sky

song of the day: adelaide sky - adhitia sofyan

written: 10.11.12
today was the opening of taman sari at school. wait. before i go there, let's have a flashback-------->

on friday 9.11, we prepared for the bazaar. we skipped three periods for colouring a poster hehehe.... at 3.30 indra, kak lintang, tasya and i went to kota wisata to eat late lunch/early dinner. due to the restaurant's lack of service, our food came out late and tasya and i missed the bus to the jakata art building (GKJ).

we had to go to GKJ because pak iwan held a keroncong festival there.

after troubles and problems and lots of iced lemon tea, at 6.30 tasya and i went to GKJ with indra. we arrived just in time before the show started hehe lucky us!

the show was very long, more than 3 hours. some of the songs were fun but most of them made me sleepy so i uhm.... slept during some performances. at 11, tasya and i went home with the school bus and the whole school bus slept during the tide home.

we dropped everyone at their houses and so tasya, ifa, andre and i were the last ones to be dropped off. but wibi didn't want to go home just yet, but he it was too late for him to go home anyway so he went to andre's house too.

arriving at tasya's and andre's house at two in the morning is just.... wow. when we arrived, we immidietly changed our clothes and started cooking the pancakes for the bazaar.

we made pancake mixtures from 10 pancake mix packages! and then we cooked the pancakes, packaged the syrups & chocolates until 5 am. we take turns in taking showers and praying. from 5 - 6, we packaged the pancakes in its plastics and then we went straight to school.

made about 100++ of these super pancakes

due to our lack of sleep and zero breakfast, we slept silently in the car with our stomaches growling for food.

arrived at school at 6.45 am. preparing everything at taman sari with big eye-bags and still empty stomaches.

our stand was called 'adelaide sky' because our class' name is adelaide hehe. at 7.30, parents and students came. the park was getting crowded and our stand was... it wasn't that crowded but our pancakes were sold hehe. i also met a reader of my blog. her son goes to my school hehe it was very heart-warming to meet a reader in person! /hugs/

anyway, after 3 hours of shouting "pancakes! buy our pancakes and take a picture with justin bieber!" our pancakes and buavita were sold. all of them! but our pancake topping weren't sold the whole thing but atleast the pancakes were.

we were so relieved that our pancakes were sold every item and our hard work was paid off.

after the whole thing ended, mum and i went to jakarta and i had nothing to do so i slept. mum was dropped off at pim, and then i picked up my brother and we went to my cousin's house. i slept (again) for an extra two hours! i had a large portion of dinner due to my empty stomache. the last time i ate was at chipon phew.

at 7 pm, my bro and i went to citos and had desserts with mum.

went home at 10 and i went to bed without brushing my teeth, washing my face or even changing my clothes :-)

PS: new playlist of the time!

PPS: dad ordered the rookie yearbook already!!!!!!!!!!!! altho it will arrive in jakarta on late dec/early jan, i am still super happy!!!!!!

photo of the week!

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