Thursday, November 8

getting older, getting wiser

it's november! haven't made any playlist on 8tracks..... but will update it soon!! playlist will include mellow tracks, which is perfect for the rain! happy november!

PS: not the happiest day of the year, but again, i'm getting older. two more years until my driver's license! 

i woke up and my phone got so noisy heheheheheheheheheheeheehehh and then i opened twitter and there it was. the direct message from my favourite guy ever.

YES YES YES! gita tweeted to jelte to say happy birthday to me, and he direct messaged me which made my day super! thanks a bunch for gita for telling jelte, and  jelte for reading gita's tweet and immediately doing it! 

i love being a birthday girl. attention's all to you, and all you can do is to smile and say thanks. hehehe but surprises are one other thing. i finished my painting. sucks baaad hm. but what the heck at least i finished it hehehe.

this week has been very tiring. too many projects and homeworks piling up. i have to check on junior high's hiffest movie and there has been lots of up and downs,  saman dance practice for the competition next week, the painting and photography exhibition and auction, the traditional music keroncong thingy, preparing food for the bazaar and homeworks to catch up before the end of semester exam. and THIS people has been super tiring. 

but skipping the negative things, i'm just very grateful today. got gifts from my family and my grandparents, and lots and lots of wishes from everyone! i'm just super happy :-)

i compiled the birthday wishes from blackberry messenger from random people.

*sorry for doubled/tripled names/pictures up there!

and well, i don't really have anything to say except that being older (for 20 hours) has been.... nothing. nothing changed hahah but the fact that i have got more tasks to do and it is killing meeeeeeee. i still have math homeworks for tomorrow, and there would probably be a sociology quiz but it's still a probably, and after school i have the bazaar preparation and then at 6 i'll be back to school going to the keroncong thingy until 11.30. slover's at tasya's, and then we'll have to wake up again at 3.30 to finish the pancakes, and then at 6 we'll have to go to school. my birthday present from life itself is hard work yes thank you life. 

so after school today, ifa and i had a shopping spree for our bazaar tomorrow. preparing the pancake mix, and milk, and plastics... we spent 250.000 out of 300.000 okay not so important

when i (finally) arrived home, mum, my grandparents and my aunt came and brought donuts and we put candles on top of them. ya so let that be my birthday cake.

again, a bunch of thanks to people for wishing me a very great birthday! 

PS: Please visit Tasya's, Ifa's, Ara's, Wibi's, Verix's and my booth on the opening of Taman Sari on Saturday, 10th November 2012 @ Sekolah Pilar Indonesia, Cibubur. We'll be selling pancakes & drinks! Price very affordable! :-)

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