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four days recap

thursday. 6th december

guess what? i went to see secondhand serenade last thursday! not a big fan of him and his songs, but the ticket's only 20 IDR so why not? why am i not a big fan of him? because his songs are all so sad and it sounds almost the same. but i'm really glad he did some kind of mash up from a song of his own and fun's we are young. and he sang fix you! so, at the concert, he said "now i'm going to sing a song that was not written by me" and everyone was so quiet so i shouted "fix you by coldplay!" and the guy behind me (who apparently knows all of secondhand's songs) shouted "fix you!" too! and then the people in our part started shouting "fix you" and then he played fix you. i don't know if it's because of my shouting or he planned to sing fix you from the beginning, but it's such a coincidence isn't it if he planned it from the beginning? hehe anyway, i am just super happy because he sang fix you. in the afternoon before ifa tasya and i went to jakcloth, ifa and i listened to fix you and i kept saying "i hope he would sing this song later" and he did it really warmed my heart! what ruined the moment was that not everyone in the crowd knows the song when they should know the song! but everyone in the middle crowd sang and i'm a part of it yip yip...

secondhand serenade played at the jakarta clothing expo, people shorten it to jakcloth. while waiting for him, ifa, tasya and i circled the very small area of senayan. it was so crowded and the place seems so small. after circling the area, i found this amazing store that sell baseball jackets for only 160 IDR. i was so happy, so i bought it. i have been searching for baseball jackets my entire life but they cost too much and i don't have any money so. at 5.45, we were on our way to the hulla-hulla stage for secondhand serenade. while we were on our way, we spotted john vesely (a.k.a secondhand serenade) with his body guards, and not even one person is crowding him. so ifa, tasya and i ran our way to him ifa shouted "john! john! hi!" and then john looked on our way and said "hi!" and then his bodyguards kept pushing/pulling him away from us. i did not gave any expression because i had no feelings towards him hehe but it was very funny seeing ifa shouting like that.

and then we circled and bought indra's birthday gift and then we went out. we searched for my car and my driver but we couldn't found it so we walked all the way to fx because my mum's having her meeting there and we had sate khas senayan for dinner which ended our very exhausting day.

friday. 7th december

went to school with not-so-very baggy eyes which i am very happy because i slept late and had to wake up early. checked the biology practical exam results which failed hahah but next year we're going to make yogurt! and after lunch we did absolutely nothing. nobel and talitha came so we played. and then i dropped nobel off at her house. and then i went inside her house to take a slice of bread with chocolate spread and milk and then i went to my dancing lessons... hehe.

after the dancing lesson, mba dania, trista and i went to citos to have trista's birthday dinner at meatbar. ate australian sirloin steak, medium well, with mushroom sauce and mashed potato. it made my stomach very full! plus trista ordered chocolate in a cup and we ate it together, but we still didn't finished it since we were so full. while eating, meatbar's TV was on asian food network. the program was about 5 almost-adults teenagers from the UK to see how thailand and indonesia produced the food, and how the villagers survived living in such low economic situation. it was very sad and bothering. there was a company that produced chickens. it was very sad because they took the alive chicken to a thing and cut the beak or head or something while the chicken was still alive yes. they tortured it. i have always hated animal abuse. the other one was also in thailand, the strippers and sex commercial ladies were interviewed and one of them cried because she did this for her two kids at home. it's a long story, and it was very sad. after we ate, trista, mba dania and i went to aksara and GUESS WHAT. AKSARA HAS THE 'A VERY SHE AND HIM CHRISTMAS' ALBUM AND TRISTA AND I ARE LIKE NGVTJYGK. we immediately bought the cd with both our money. it costs a lot but it was worth it because no other stores in indonesia sells the cd.

and then we blew candles at the meatbar and went home!

saturday. 8th december

woke up  at nine and had my reading the holy book course until 10.30. and at 1 my brother and i went to his drum course. at 3 we went to mba dania's place. i took a bath and prepared for indra's birthday party. at 6.30 i went to indra's party at kemang. although only a few people came but it was epic. love the jazzy band. love the place. and the food. it was awesome. lots of spi's alumni came (kak daisy, kak yuki, kak amora, kak dinda, kak rizal, and kak rachma) which was like a private reunion hehe. the party finished at 10 and indra, rahma, nobel, vierra, olin, tasya, farly, nugra and i went to citos. we ate eight. i repeat, eight plates of chicken wings and fries at 4fingers. and there were nine of us so it's like one person eating one plate which is a lot. everyone went home at 11.30, but tasya and i had to wait to be picked up so we went to starbucks (a.k.a one of my favourite place in the world) and waited for an hour.

what i wrote to indra <3 font="font">

these were six plates. two more plates were ordered after this lol

tasya's parents picked us up at 12.30 and we went home!
pictures taken from indra's instagram, and a lot of source from people.

sunday. 9th december

woke up at nine again. tasya's family were wide awake and i was the second last person to woke up. andre was still fast asleep hehe. kak sela, tasya and i went out to grab breakfast. we had chicken porridge and we went back to tasya's house. since kak sela was going home and her house was near mine, she decided to give me a ride home with her motorbike. i wore tasya's pajamas, my baseball jacket and my semi-boots + grey socks. i look so awesome. when i arrived home, my maid asked me "where's your mum?" me "jogja." and then she had this confused look on her face but she didn't bother to ask again hehe. my mum's office boy was going to jakarta for my friends' birthday party at 3, and he's helping them to prepare for the party and i had to come because she came to mine too and so i had to go with my mum's office boy since i have no ride at all. i took a quick shower, chose which outfit to wear and went to mba dania's house. And at 4 i went to hani's 16th birthday dinner and i waited for mum and then we went home!!

so i browsed coldplay on youtube early this afternoon and i found my current (and probably forever) video clip i loved from coldplay.

The Hardest Part

and current favourite music from coldplay is fix you. i asked my friend whether he knew the song or not and he said he didn't knew it and i was like "what no way everyone should know the song it's like a universal song from all the human kind on earth are you human or not". i love the meaning behind the song. i searched it, and i'll share it here.:

I read in a magazine that Chris wrote this song for Gwyneth Paltrow after her father died. She came home from the hospital covered & drenched in tears; he started crying & asked her, "What can I do for you? Tell me how I can help.." & she looked up at him & said "Just hold me.. 'cause you're the only thing that can fix me right now." 

And that was that - he wrote the song the next day.

Also, I think the song can just be seen in a way that says everyone needs fixing in some way, nobody's slate is ever clean. So maybe it's a song about a relationship that's struggling & how, despite the many mistakes we make in life that hurt the ones we love, the people you love fix you. 

It can fit a number of different aspects (source)

so after these 4 days of absolute fun, i learned one lesson:

make friends with someone you don't normally talk to and find the other side of them. they'd probably turn out different than you expect them to be. it feels really good to see the other side of someone you'd never expect (except when they have really bad taste in music then don't ok bye)

class meeting will start on monday and i am extra happy!

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