Monday, December 31

Memories recap

Hi guys. It's the last day in two thousand and twelve. To re live the moments of this year, i'm going to list down all the sad and happy things i remembered:

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1. My mum and i got tricked by a guy who sold katy perry tickets. But fara and i ended up still watching her live (january)
2. Me liking a guy who doesn't even know me ok (february)
3. Me being confused by what is my relation with this guy (february)
4. Being scared to lose my friends for the first time (march)
5. Pak donny passed away (march)
6. Stressed because of my science practical exam (march)
7. Making my own musical with my class called gamal and latika (march)
8. Sarcasticly congratulating a friend for having a new girlf (march)
9. Fara lied to me about going to school in a school i've always dreamed of (april)
10. Watched NYE by myself and cried (april)
11. Finishing my middle school final examination (april)
12. I missed a feeling. The heart skips a beat feeling (may)
13. Did not have ay inspiration for writing a new short story (may)
14. The djanos family gathering and getting jealous how my cousins are so close (may)
15. Got my final examination results (june)
16. Had a garage sale. Which failed. (June)
17. Having a three days girls days out with the girls of athanatos to bandung (june)
18. I felt invisible (june)
19. Spent six hours on the road for only going to the beach. (July)
20. Met new friends at baturraden adventure forest (july)
21. Went to cornetto summer festival with fara and ended up eating escargo and caesar salad at delifrance, fx (july)
22. Three great teahers resigned from school (july)
23. Cried because i remember pak donny (july)
24. Going to shanghai and japan to dance (september)
25. Happy being called pretty by a stranger in china and ended up talking with him (september)
26. Happy watching michael jackson in a huge 3d screen in japan (september)
27. Extra happy because i taught the new comers the saman dance, met my old buddies, watched valerius, and met gita in a day (october)
26. Everyone needs me but i don't feel needed (october)
27. Talked about how high school sucks with my dad (november)
28. Mum got a house she loved and it made me happy. Cannot wait for us to move. (November)
29. My rookie yearbook One arrived november)
30. Got good grades on my end semester exam (november)
31. Went on a benakribo look out with ifa and tasya at pim (december)
32. Disappointed (december)
33. Cried because my mood board got ruined (december)
34. Went to solo, hotel borobudur, and bogor highland park (december)
35. Watched almost famous and got new point of view about life, friends, being friends with rockstars, being fangirls, and so much more (december)
36. Got hyped because coldplay might go to jakarta next year (december)
37. Danced at ka dina's wedding (december)
38. Watched habibie and ainun, didn't cry, but admired reza rahadian's acting (december)
39. Dad was very nice. Bought julian and i lots of things. Got new ankle boots! (December)

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

I remembered all these because i keep a journal on my phone titled "12". Everytime i am feelings something, or anything that's interesting happened, i immidietly write it down. There are actually 90 points on 2012, but some of them were too personal hehe... This year has been great. Sort of. I had a huge adaptation to high school, which made me older and wiser. I was introduced to good music by yen and rookie (which made me listen less radio which i am thankful of. The radio nowadays plays nicki minaj :s)

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

Here are my new year's resolution:

- Spend less money on buying things i don't need, but more on concerts, traveling, food, and things i need (except things in that is an exception lol)

- Start actually saving money for the australia trip on march and (if real) coldplay on april.

- Dig my interests a little deeper, but keep my choices open to other activities.

- Get taller and more flexible.

I guess this is it. I don't want to keep my post long and boring because it's new year's eve! You shouldn't be in front of the computer (i'm kidding lol) but seriously, have fun. Go get drinks and movies to watch at a friends' place, or go to a mall an celebrate new year with strangers! Have a great new year's eve you guys. Cheers to 2013!

Pictures below of random things in 2012

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