Thursday, January 3


The computer at my transit house hasn't been installed by dad yet and the wifi isn't working yet, so i can't use my laptop so i'm left with the ipad. I don't have a lot to say though.

So on the first of january, my family and i slept over at pullman hotel central park. I met rahma at central park at 10.30 pm lol but i missed her so much so i was very excited. The next day, arique, dad, julian and i went to gandaria city. And then we watched 4D roller coaster thingy and our faces were very ugly. I know that because dad recorded the tv that was recording us while we were playing.

Today's the third, and i have nothing planned except dad's taking julian and i to watch his friend perform at the black cat jazz club tonight. So this morning, i went to my new house that i'll be living, starting july... So excited about my room!! And then i went to my dad's office and did nothing important. So i read the book that i borrowed from the library before the holiday started, titled a wrinkle in time. Very good, yet complicated and imaginative book. Finished it at 6-ish this afternoon, and then i spent 4 hours listening and wathing movie clips of almost famous, the breakfast club, and pitch perfect. I also watched interviews of the movie/book, the perks of being a wallflower.

I'm going to have a movie marathon night with trista tomorrow!! Continueing our 70s-2000s movies!!

Have a great thursday night, loves! x


  1. Eh, Janis sama Jules mau pindah ke mana? Btw, cute pictures you have there! Lucuuuu banget!

    1. ke jagakarsa buu hehe tapi masih on julyy


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