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bad luck with a good cause

written on: saturday, february 2nd

it was on thursday, january the 31st that i was asked to join the pilar charity project for the victims of the flood at Banibakti village, at Babelan, Bekasi. I'm Pilar Student Council's (OSIS') head of public relations section, so that is why i had to come.

on friday, february 1st i arrived at school at 07 am and it was very lonely! so i did my civics open book quiz, and then i gathered with the rest of the student council team and the teachers who would accompany us. we started the journey at 08 am. During the journey, we had no problem, except... well, gagah, yesa, qory, adya, dera and i were using gagah's car, and the others used the school's school bus (it had high ceilings). and on a specific road, there was some sort of gate and the school bus cannot pass through. so we split up. 

the car i was in was driven by gagah's driver, and we sort of strayed. we were supposed to turn left, but we missed it. for 30 km. yup. we missed a turn for 30 kilometers. we arrived at the headman's house at 10.30!! at the headman's house, i had to pee, and well, the toilet was average, and it was so slippery that i fell. /sigh/ anyway, we were sooo hungry, but good thing bu tina brought snacks. we gave introduction to the headman about what our purpose was for making the project. and then we went to the children's school. guess whaaaat: gagah, yesa, qory, adya, dera, pak bayu and i rode at the back of a pick-up truck. the thing is, the back was ful of plastics so we couldn't really sit comfortably (and i couldn't do the scene from perks of being a wallflower!) but the view was great! and the wind, oh the wind was amaaaazing.

when we arrived at the school, there were a lot of childrens! but the muslim boys had to go to their friday praying, so we gave their goodie bags earlier! they were so excited! after the boys left, us girls had a time of our own! ajeng was my partner, and we had ten girls from grade 4-6! we told them a story about a duck, the story book was in english so we had to translate them into bahasa. and then we played 'sedang apa?' and then the four groups gathered and played tug of war!! 

we finished playing with them at 1.30 - 2.00 pm ish. we gave out notebooks, pencils and pens for each of the students. they also got food and milk, and also bags. after the whole thing was done, we went back to the headman's house and gave our farewells. but we just remembered that we left our tug of war rope back at the school, so the people at my car had to go back and get them. there was an accident there, but everyone's alright.

at 2.00 - 3.45pm we had our lunch at McDonalds. i have no choice but to eat those. i am trying to decrease my fast & junk food hehe. and then we went back to school. everyone was so tired at the car, almost all of us slept. we arrived at school at 5.00 pm, and i went back with adya. i was dropped off at anqi's house, and nobel was there so we played.

my driver picked me up at 6.00 pm and i went home.

the activities i did yesterday with the student council was a great opportunity and experience. the kids were wonderful. playing with them was amazing! they get to see students from the city, and how they talk like, how they dress like, what the do most of the time, and we were also lucky! we got to see how students from the village talk, dress like. we get to see the students' excitement when they saw us coming, and i get to see a student who got upset because the tug of war competitor from each group wasn't fair, and things like that. i mean, i don't see those kind of things everyday, do i?

there are tons of pictures and videos that we took, but those files are still with sasha. I'm going to upload the pictures as soon as i got them from sasha.

so i posted this title bad luck because

1. i fell on the bathroom floor which hurts so much
2. the accident that happened (i am okay by the way :) )
3. and i don't know what else.

having two bad lucks in a day would probably mean nothing to someone who's used to having bad lucks and things like that. honestly the things that happened to me sort of made me quiet the whole journey, and i ended up listening to my iPod. so pak bayu, my PE teacher came to adya, dera and i and talked about the accident we went through and how they were boys and they should be more gentle and things. but i'm not blaming anyone for not being a gentleman or something. i'm just glad i made it yesterday. 

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