Saturday, March 30

72 Hours of Happiness

Hi guys! For the last three days two nights, a few of my friends (tasya, ifa, adya, alif, andre, damar & aquila) and i went on a road trip to bandung. we had this road trip because a few days ater getting back from adelaide, tasya wanted to go to trans studio bandung, so we decided to had this trip. the trip was a success (kind of). we spent a lot of money, i think most of them are for transportation because we're not anywhere from the area so i guess drivers got easily trick us by going around and around the city sigh. but other than losing plenty of money, we actually had fun. wait, no... the room we booked apparently was very small (no surprises there due to the very cheap price) and there are bed bugs.... so the room wasn't very satisfying and the transport costs a lot of money (and this is why we had to go from the end of the street to the other end by foot), we had fun. mostly by playing Uno at someone's room, or walking to a food stall along the road.

One evening, while playing Uno, the last two person was always given a challenge. and the person that got the challenge was damar (twice!), alif, aquila, adya and tasya! adya and tasya got the good challenge. the only had to buy a baby powder from the shop beside the hotel. but damar, alif, and aquila... they had to cover their faces with the baby powder and strolled through the hotel. i am making a video of it which will be posted on a few posts after this that will have more or less six videos in it :-)

On the second night after going back from a stroll on Jl. Riau, we played Uno and everyone was sick and sleepy. And at that time, most of them were at my room. So they were asleep in my room, and it was very crowded, so I moved into alif's room and slept all by myself... until ifa and tasya came and slept there as well too. and so in the morning we exchanged rooms and checked out of the hotel at 11. we dropped our bags at the travel's office and walked from the office to the mall "nearby" (because we didn't have any money left). we had lunch, and bought some stuffs, and walked back to the office. OH it turned out that the driver was stuck in traffic so our trip was 2 hours delayed, and we spent that two hours playing Uno.

When we arrived in Jakarta, our rides wasn't there yet so we waited for another half an hour on the street lol. We wanted to walk somewhere but we remembered that we're back in Cibubur and it's not nice to walk around Cibubur. And so half hour later, Tasya, Andre and I were picked up, and the rest were also picked up and we went home.

lindsay's and andre's selfie pose

lol at andre's selfies

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