Wednesday, March 13

after four or more years

Hi guys! i'm at jess' room and i have my last school day here in adelaide (which i wll miss) because i honestly felt like i'm in a movie being here with all the who hates who, and cliques and blah blah blah hahah.

ok anyway, i am now listening to a 500 days of summer playlist. and alo, i changed my url! did you guys notice? my url was janisinwonderland before and now it's mataharigratis. mataharigratis is an indonesian word that means:

matahari = sun
gratis = free

i think gratis also means free i spanish or something i forgot. i don't know. and why did i change my url?

1. i'm bored. i've had that url for 4 years or more now, so i think it is time to move on

why mataharigratis?

1. because i just watched a joko anwar movie called suncatchers and the movie is all about appreciating the sun. because what if the sun is not free? people should appreciate the sun a bit more since it is free. you should watch it. the movie. here it is:

anyway, have a great thursday folks.


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