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4 Sides of Paramore

Hi guys!!!!! For the past few days Paramore has been tweeting a lot. Guess what it's about????? THE NEW ALBUM. Yes!! They've posted 4 sides of the album in Youtube and I'm going to listen to the four of them and i am super excited. My friend and I listened to 'Now' and 'Still Into You' and we realized Paramore has changed. Not that they changed everything. Just a few songs. Eventhough my friend didn't like both songs, I love Still Into You! I am going to post a review of the songs just like what kak Sonia Eryka did! :-)

1. Fast In My Car
The intro was fun! A bit electro but at the same time rock. This song still has the original Paramore vibe (before The Farro left) which I love! It's very catchy and I love that this song is both catchy and light but it still has good lyrics and fun!

2. Now
Yep, i don't really like the beginning of the song because it's very different of what Paramore used to write. I guess it seemed a bit empty for a Paramore song because their songs are usually not-empty. I love the chorus' melody though. I guess what's making me feel it's empty is probably the drums and guitars!!! Oh how i miss the Farros :-(

3. Grow Up
I love this song from the beginning!!!! It's, again, different, from what they do, but this is very good!!!!! It's catchy, it's not heavy to listen and i love the lyrics! the lyrics are amazing and it means so much for everyone, i guess. The chorus really says about the Farro brothers leaving, which is great. Because they made the pain of the band (and the fans all over the world) into a very awesome song.

4. Daydreaming
At first i thought the song was going to be a fast song but it appeared to be a slow song! It's a great song, and i really love the intro. i agree with kak Sonia's comment about the intro. It was priceless! And Hayley's voice at the chorus when it was divided into two was spectacular!

5. Moving On
I love this summer vibe song!!!! An amazing song to play on the beach and a very cheerful song! Kak Sonia made a cover of this song on her blog!

6. Ain't It Fun
At first it sounded like a normal rock-band song (and somehow reminded me of Valerius), but then....BOOM HALEY WITH HER CHURCH-LIKE VOICE AND THE CHOIR AND THE BASS. A mixture of both a Church song and a rock song. An amazing mixture.

7. Part II
A very interesting song because of: it's title. and everything else. Anybody curious why it's called Part II? the usual Paramore awesomeness came back in this song which I absolutely loooove! It sounds similar to Decode but I can't really say for sure... The drums, and the melody... Sounds familiar hm?

8. Last Hope
The song is very simple, but not empty. I love how it's slow, but not as slow as The Only Exception/Daydreaming. Hayley's vocals are beautiful here! And also the drums!

9. Still Into You
I love this song because it's like bringing back the memories of their previous albums. An amazing song to sing with.

10. Anklebiters
It sounded like a rock song at first but then it turned into a pop-rock song. The tune's nice. It's so Paramore.

11. Interlude: Holiday

12. Proof
Splendid beat and guitar. The song's very Paramore too. I think Side C contains more of 'songs-that-are-so-Paramore' songs. 

13. Hate To See Your Heart Break
And this is another slow song, but not too slow. It is slower than Last Hope, but not slower than Daydreaming. The song's very light, but not exactly cheerful. I guess you could say it form the title. For me the melody is sort of mainstream (a lot of Indonesian bands have songs like this: lenje, lemes, weak, etc.) but i love the lyrics which made it a whole lot different from other bands!

14. (One of Those) Crazy Girls
A very beautiful song! I love how Hayley's soft voice suddenly becomes her rock voice! I love how the drums came in with a very good beat & the guitars started to get loud. I love this.

15. Interlude: I'm Not Angry Anymore
A funny and relaxing song to listen to. They sound like She and Him too in here.

16. Be Alone
It's a very Paramore song, but also different. Good different! it has a combination of the old Paramore and the new Paramore. It has a fun melody!

17. Future
This song is epic. The people on Youtube keeps saying how awesome this song would be when they sing it live, and when I heard the intro, i immediately understood what they ment. This song has an intro which can make the crowds go "AAAAAH OMG THIS SONG!!! FUTURE!" This song is priceless. It's amazing. GAAH THIS SONG IS AMAZING (listening to it right now)

After hearing all those songs on their new album, my favourite of them are:
Side A = Grow Up
Side B = Moving On
Side C = Proof
Side D = (One of Those) Crazy Girls
Overall = All the interludes + Moving On + Future

By the way, music updates!
- She and Him Volume 3 will be released on May 7!
- Valerius' Marilyn White will come out this spring!

Happy listening to the album guys! I can't wait to have the CD!

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