Sunday, April 28

Happiness Starts From:

Now I get a holiday,
Wherever I go I might stay.
I don't plan on coming back,
Ever if I can help it.
Now I get a holiday,
I think I'll stay,
- Paramore

It's sunday afternoon, i'm at my dad's office, after making my biology homework about protists and arachinds. ever since i started watching national geographic wild, i've always been fascinated by animals, weird and normal, scary and cute. so for the biology homework i chose a Tarantula. at first i was going to chose an Acromantula (Aragog from Harry Potter) but it tured out that an Acromantula is not real and just a wizard version of a Tarantula. Did you know Tarantulas aren't very dangerous? When you get bitten or its tiny hair touches your skin, you would only feel discomfort and itch for a few days and done. No records shown that a Tarantula bite killed someone... But I'm not here to talk about my biology homework.

Yesterday, mum and I planned to watch Haley Reinhart (top three from American Idol S10) at Gandaria City (South Jakarta)  but before that I had to accompany mum to Ancol (North Jakarta) for a short talk show. Well, guess what. Didn't get to watch Haley because it was so far and the traffic was like trash. I almost wanted to turn around to the airport instead to Gandaria City so i could fly away from Jakarta (but i don't have any money with me so). At Gandaria, mum and i ate at Bon Chon Chicken (my fave!) and we did a little shopping at Gaudi, The Body Shop, and monthly shopping. I was very upset yesterday because I didn't watch Haley and Paramore's newest album was sold out EVERYWHERE. But then mum was looking at CDs in a bookstore and found the album and I shouted and I was happy again. Oh plus Jeremy retweeted my tweet eep!

So the lesson I got from yesterday was that, just because one bad thing happen doesn't means the rest of the day will be bad. I mean, 40% sale on every item at Gaudi? Sale on The Body Shop for nearly all items? And that a bookstore actually has Paramore's album? That is great!! Oh and one thing that made me happy yesterday was that I looked like a Japanese school girl celebrating Halloween. I was wearing a plain black t-shirt, Supre leather skater skirt, Soxgallery knee high black socks, and MKS shoes (plus I had my hair pony tailed) so how awesome was that. (picture will be uploaded to instagram asap)

Just before starting to write this post, dad showed me a couple of music he made for a musical he and Om Rama are working on, Timun Mas. Seeing the script made me miss doing musicals and dramas. My school haven't done another School Production so I sort of miss it. I guess I miss the acting and dancing part, also every practices. It's very fun to see people act and wear ridiculous costumes with ridiculous accents and all. (PS ANYBODY NEED SOMEONE TO WORK AT DRAMAS OR MUSICALS YOU GUYS CAN GET ME KAY LOL)

I guess that's it. Have a happy sunday!

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