Friday, May 31

a happy homebody

it's friday afternoon and i'm at home after a civics and economics exam! my friends asked to me to join them to watch a movie but i didn't join it because i wasn't feeling like joining. Instead, today I made my pen tattoo which i totally love. 

I'm also very happy today because I got three above-nines on my exam!! And it included math! I've never gotten above 8 before on math so this will be the very first one! I think I got a nine because I enjoy trigonometry. And plus I played with Naomi (kindergarten kid) after school. I wanted to post this post yesterday but the internet crashed. Yesterday I was sort of stressed out studying for economics and civics, so I decided to take pictures of me being simon cowell and rpatz. and i also made DIY reminders.

you'll need: glue-tack and paper clippers (below)

take a 'square' (ok this is not a square obs) glue tack

paste it on the back of your paper clipper

and flatten it down

and put it in front of your studying table!

the result will be something like this.
lol it's not exactly called a DIY since it is so effortless. but anyway, i love these reminders because they can be taken off the wall without leaving dirty marks.

oh, i bought a mask book for Rp. 10.000 which was probably the most stupid book i have ever bought but i will never regret buying the book. it's so funny. imagine walking to a mall with an rpatz mask on your face.

Simon Cowell and his Hunger Games room

cutie rpatz looking all confused

ngaw rpatz why are you so surprised?

rpatz being all flirty

last thing i want to tell you guys is that i am working on a two-three years project for my friends, and this will be inside it:
i'll post the result of the project two-three years from now (i hope this blog still exists)

anyway, have a great friday!

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