Thursday, May 9

Fighting By Participating

yowza. I woke up at 11 am this morning and celebrated my cousin's graduation the whole day. Went to a very famous karaoke place and we sang out hearts out. It was very fun because there were alot of my aunties and uncles and grandparents so most of the songs were oldies. There were a lot of Beatles, Queen, ABBA, and of course, Chrisye :-)

Yesterday was also very amusing and tiring. Mba Dania, Sissy, Sabi and I had to come to Blitmegaplex Grand Indonesia to present a trophy for the winners of the International Film Festival: Education - Health - Culture. My aunt's friend, Tante Tiara, is the head of the Indonesian Lupus Organization (Yayasan Lupus Indonesia) and they held the very first IFFEHC ever! Yay! Very honored to be one of the committee! I had a great time (except for my cough which is killing me) with everyone. I didn't have to pay to join this, but i got paid and like everyone wanted to take a picture with the four of us. There were a lot of nations joining this festival, including: Japan, India, Australia, France, Russia, Italy and many more! I took a picture with most of them (well, they took pictures with us...) I'm glad I participated in this even though my cough sucks and I had dinner at 11 pm....

The title of this post means that us, by fighting through Lupus disease for those we love, we participate by doing little actions, and contributing things. Not a lot of people know this, but Lupus is as dangerous as cancer and people hasn't found the cure to it yet. Just because we can't stop it from coming, doesn't mean we can't warn people about it, yes? And we could support and help the people who are suffering from the disease. I'm not asking everyone of you to help and support this and only this Lupus organization, but you could help other health organizations as well. Whatever you chose, participating is all that matters. Because by participating, you're doing everyone a favor.

PS: I suck at smiling without showing off my teeth so here's what you get xx

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