Sunday, May 19

Sunny Sunday

hi guys! i've been coming home late (and waking up at 5.30) since these past two days. on Friday i watch Star Trek: Into The Darkness with 11 of my friends. and on Saturday I had the culture week event, cooked cake pops and swam with ifa and tasya and accompanied my friend going to his ex-girlfriend's house. (ps: culture week post will be posted this week!) due to the early mornings - late nights i've been doing, i decided to stay home today.

i woke up at 10.30 and had nutella mug cake for breakfast. i watched two movies today, Footloose and The Playroom. I like both movies but i'm not really into it as much as i'm into (500) Days of summer, or Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. And then my mum came home and i had fried duck for lunch! (OK so PETA kept emailing me to become vegan but I don't think i can do it at this period of time. but who knows in five years?) and I went to my room and decided to rewrite some 3D shapes mathematical formula and put it up on my wall before the end of semester exams stars in a week! And then I decided to do some things from Rookie Mag!

*Doing my hair because of boredom 

anyway, i guess this is my last relaxed week before the end of semester exam. good night! i hope you'll have a great week!

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