Sunday, June 16

Absence of Mind

i've been working my a$$ so hard i messed up my art work. on thursday after school, ifa and i went to McDonalds to eat our lunch. I took about 2 and a half hours from school to my house (excluding the traffic). It's because of this truck that got stuck on one of the bridge gah. This week i've been focusing on making sponsorships proposal and it's complicated as hell. On thursday, the budget wasn't clear yet so I couldn't finish the proposal on Wednesday. But we managed to finish the proposal on Friday and sent the proposals to organizations as well. 

I was having (still having) so much on my mind, and when I was making my second zine, I messed it up. BIG TIME. So when you make a zine, the first and second row faces differently, so when you fold it, it'll look like a book. Well, i did my zine all of them facing the same direction and when I folded my zine some of the pages were up side down. But I was happy with my zine because of how much passion and effort I gave to it. This zine consist of mostly music and movies. I had Charlie's mixtape for Patrick song list written down there, there's also a screencap from Almost Famous (one of the world's greatest movies every created), also from Mamma Mia!, and a whole lot more! 

Oh! Om Rama is making a drama musical of Timun Mas and my dad's the drama's music director and I would be very happy if the readers who is living in Jakarta to watch the drama. It will be on the 29th and 30th of June 2013 at Istora Senayan. The tickets are kind of pricey. It starts from Rp. 150.000 - Rp. 1.500.000. You guys can purchase the ticket at Indotix (+62811 1550 433) or go to their site. For the musical's information, you can go to this site.

Well, mum's sick and i still need to look for prom shoes and I the balloons I wanted for prom is so expensive idk gaah. I have school tomorrow and I will have plenty of work to do. See you.

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