Tuesday, June 4

Burning Love

Hey guys! 
My class did our chemistry and biology practical exam today! It was sort of funny because my group (Ara, John + I) finished early and we got bonus solutions to observe whether it was an electrolyte or not. the electrode was made out of zinc, and our teacher gave us Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH) and Hydrochloric Acid (HCl). It turned out NaOH is an electrolyte since it light up the lamp. But when I tried putting the zinc electrode in the HCl solution and Ara was standing by to turn on the power source, there were bubbles coming and i shouted and we panicked. So someone pulled the zinc electrode out of the solution and the smells stinks so we had to open up the door so the smell got out. FYI, HCl is a dangerous solution. It can burn your skin within seconds if your skin touch the liquid. I once touched it accidentally when I was about to wash a test tube. It hurts. It feels like burning. Yeah so in the end, the zinc electrode's colour was faded and we didn't try with any other solutions.

By the way, had a free swimming period today and we decided to play baseball.

lol i look scary

Song on title: Burning Love - Elvis Presley

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