Tuesday, June 4

Culture Club

purchases of the week!

YEN Winter (Rp.172.000) & Nylon Japan 9th Anniversary Issue (¥620)

Heart Strings Organic Shoes by POPflats (Rp. 250.000)

I am so happy because my Nylon Japan (which kak Dinda brought all the way from Japan!) just arrived! I love everything about it (except for the fact that I can't read any of the words) The fonts and all those fashion pages are irresistible! Plus this month's issue has their most awesomest restaurants, cafes, bookstores, and shops listed! Yay! If I go to Japan again someday, I would visit the places Nylon recommend. Ahhhhh I'm still very happy!!!!

*i just translated Nylon Japan's page in English!!!!

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