Sunday, June 9

Irresistible Dutch

Hi guys! It's raining and it is the perfect time to post this awesome post! On the 7th and 8th June, Damar, Alif, Ifa, Damar's dad and I slept at Shangri-La Hotel, Sudirman. That is the hotel where the Dutch National Soccer Team is staying for these few days. I am so excited to be in the same building as them! I don't really enjoy watching soccer but I am in love with Dutch's everything so...

On Friday night, we watched the match at our hotel room and almost fell asleep but we did not because our enthusiasm to see those players arriving at the hotel is bigger than our sleepiness. At 11.15 pm, we went downstairs and a few fans were already there! We waited for quiet a while, but at 11.45-ish, the Dutch team came and I got Robben's autograph! I am so happy! Robben signed two tshirts and he was going to walk pass me but I kept begging for an autograph and he came back and signed my paper! (my friends said that he was feeling pity for me because I looked like a small girl hahah!) And after a few minutes, my friends and I came back to our room (which was very hard because we had to convince the security guards that we are staying at the hotel) and did absolutely nothing upstairs! So we went back down to the lobby and talked.

It was 12.00, and Damar had a feeling that the players would be in the club, so Damar and Alif wandered around the lobby hoping to get into the club (they didn't), so Ifa and I decided to stop by in each floor to check at which floor they're staying at. At the 5th floor, when Ifa and I wanted to go to the 6th floor, the elevator door opened and there were three Dutch players (i don't know their names), with one hotel dude. I starstruck-ed. I couldn't talk, couldn't move because I was so happy and shocked at the same time. Then Ifa said, "Can we take a picture with you?" and then those players were okay with us wanting to take a picture with them but the hotel dude was like crap and he closed the elevator door. So I shouted, "we want to go to our room!!" but still... nothing can be done. So we went to the next floor, until... On the 9th floor, it was very quiet but we heard laughter. So we went to floor number 10 and we saw the EOs and two players (one of them was Janmaat) and Ifa took a picture with them. I didn't because the EO said they needed their rest. Ifa and I were so happy and so we went back to our room and slept.

On Saturday morning, we had breakfast and saw the Dutch team already in their polo uniform going towards the table for them to eat. It was guarded so we couldn't get any nearer. But after we ate, Ifa, Alif and I went for a swim (which was near to the table they were eating at) and we waited. When they stood up and walked towards the lobby, Ifa wanted to take a picture with Van Persie but he didn't respond. I was so stupid for not shouting De Jong's name and asking for a picture. I wanted him baaad! He looked so handsome with the glasses.

Anyway, 15 minutes later Ifa and I went to the lobby with our not-so-dry swimming suit and tshirt and saw them leaving. It was painful, really. Not being able to take a picture with them. So we went to our room, took a shower and checked out.

I was really glad I went on this hunting trip with Damar, Ifa and Alif. It was my first experience (staying in the same hotel with an idol) and stalking them was fun. I love going through each floor with Ifa. It was so quiet and scary, all I could think of was "am i going to get murdered" (I think I watch too much CSI [Vegas, NY & Miami]).

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