Thursday, June 20

One Step Closer

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Most schools I know have an end of year event called Prom Night. Well, my school has been running it since 2010. The last two year's prom was good, but this year we stepped it up even more. I am so happy and proud to be a part of the prom night committee this year, because this year, we did it good! The decorations was extraordinary that we could change a place once known as a canteen, and into a party space! We worked our butts off for last night and we glad we did! Here are the pictures of last night's party!

the older ones

grade 7 doing their thaang

oh hi it's us, JAM

my hair from behind kyaaa such a fan

with my brother from another mother

because they're too sexy for my love (playing: i'm too sexy - right said fred)

with the girl who's going to be an alumni

teacher's surprise performance!

our senior and junior high prom kings and queens

our vice PIC and MCs

the decoration

adelaide skyers

the committee

I went to Ifa's house and slept there. We arrived at 1 and slept at 2. I still had choir practice today so we had to come to school. The practice was bad because my voice haven't returned yet from last night's shouting and screaming and so now I have to save my voice for tomorrow. I can't believe tomorrow's the last day of the year! In less than a month, I will become an 11th grader, I'll start majoring and the next year I'll be in year 12 and then college... Time runs fast doesn't it? I'll miss the 9th and 12th graders. Mostly the 12th graders, since now they're all separating, and some of them are going out of the country :( I CAN'T WAIT TO HAVE THE THREE-GENERATION REUNION in another few years!

Anyway, thanks to the whooooooole committee of this year's prom night. We did it!

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