Tuesday, July 16

The Zoo


It's been a long time since I came around. Hi! I've been busy this week... Not really. I was just lazy to post something new because my holiday suxxx. Well, since both of my parents work I can't go out of town unless my aunt and uncles invite me (which they didn't because they are also working). Because of that, this holiday pretty much consists of watching movies (in the theatre and online). Oh but I did something else too!

On monday, we mba Dania and I went to the zoo (Kebun Binatang Taman Margasatwa Ragunan). We arrived at 2pm and I was happy because we only have to pay Rp. 3.500 hahah plus since it was a Monday, the zoo wasn't crowded at all and the weather's fine so I'm very happy. We started walking towards the Schmutzer Primate Center because they have no bike stands so we decided to rent a bike later on after we look around the primate center. I was happy because I get to see a gorilla and orangutans and cute little monkeys! But we had to pay an extra Rp. 6.000 but it was worth it. I love the bridges at the Primate Center because it's high and there are a lot of trees surrounding it which makes you feel like you're in Jurassic Park.




who the hell knows what this is hahah (look at that sneeky face!)

pink butt

cute little monkey family

After leaving the primate center, mba Dania and I walked to the rent-a-bike stand, and it turns out it's closed! So we decided to walk to the Hippopotamus cage (which was far!) and it was huuuuuuge! But since te sun's about to set in one and a half hour, most of the animals are caged already so we didn't get to see much. So we went back to mba Dania's house by busway at 4.30.



ugh the trash near the hippo's cage

We ended Monday by attending ACILA's committee dispersal at The Rolling Stones Cafe, Kemang. Next time, mba Dania and I would probably go to the zoo early in the morning so we could still rent a bike. I'll start fasting on Thursday because my period hasn't disappear and school starts on Tuesday jkhtkalchtutgjkfhgsfksioewur can we not. Okay, so bye.


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