Saturday, September 7

Sweetest Things Rolled Into One

[written on Friday, September 6 2013 10.35 pm)

We had the idul fitri assembly today and we nailed it. After school was over, I went over to Chacha's house and waited for Damar to come pick us up. Thalia, Olin, Chacha, Damar and I were planning to go to Indra's house and watch movies. We were picked up at 5, bought some things for Olin to cook at Indra's, and went straight to Indra's. apparently, Damar has to go to Bandung with his dad a little earlier than he expected, so he dropped us off at Indra's, had our duck dinner, and went back.

Us girls, helped Olin cook for grade twelve's Saturday class. And after that, we went to Indra's huge TV room and we made a video of ourselves being ugly and weird.
We watched Safe Heaven for half an hour and decided to go to Indra's room and played the jelly bean game. And at nine, we went home by taxi and the awesome part was that Indra payed the taxi so we didn't have to pay! 

I had tons of fun with them older friends of mine! Indra's going to move to New Zealand for college on January, so I'm-- I mean, we're glad we gathered before his trip. Meeting up with him is kind of hard because he has a tight schedule, and so does the twelve graders. Plus Indra's house is faraway. I'm just glad we're able to gather again and have plenty of fun in such a short time.

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