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Mama Magick: An Interview with Petite Softpaws

This month, I got the chance to interview Canti Widyadhari, commonly known as Canti. I knew about her from an indie concert when she was performing with Zeke and The Popo. I got amazed by her performance and energy. Also, some time then she had her hair all green which makes it even more interesting, and I accidentally met her on a restroom in a mall and I of course knew it was her! (how many people dyed their hair green in jakarta???). 

So the 23 year old cat-lover used to work in Leo Burnett Indonesia but then she decided to continue her masters on Public Relations and Communications in Murdoch University, Singapore. She has also been in a well-known play called Onrop! musikal, and also casted for BUTO musikal. She also worked for Trax-FM as the brand conceptor and developer as well! Also, the petite lady has high taste in fashion which I'm in love with! Her style is eccentric and inspiring.

So, in this interview, kak Canti tell us about an activity she digs most, tarot reading.

Janis: I followed your instagram since a long time, and I've been wondering, why are you interested in tarot reading & witchcraft?
Canti: I used to live with my uncle for several years during my childhood and I admit he unintentionally influenced me in a lot of ways. He never read tarot in front of me, nor talking about witchcraft or out-of-this-universe topic. But I spent most of my leisure time in his room and I found out that he actually owned various kinds of tarot cards along with awesome divination and spiritual books. That piqued my interest and curiosity. PS: He never allowed me to touch them. If he found out I read them he’ll immediately put everything back into the bookshelves.

About witchcraft, I’d have to say that “Charmed” played a lot of aspects on this. You know what I mean. :)

What is tarot reading actually?
Tarot reading is the art of divination. Some people may use it to read the future, but that’s not how I see it. Tarot for me is a way to get to know yourself, to learn ancient wisdom, self development (you’re giving wisdom to people means eventually you'll become wise yourself), and to help people with suggestion and events that may likely to happen in the future. Because future is flux, it changes all the time every time we change our perspective in certain issues. Which is why the term ‘tarot reader’ is more suitable for me than ‘fortune teller’. 

Since when did you start learning tarot reading?
Actually I started it around 2008 or 2009, I can’t remember. But at that time, I never learned exactly what to do so I just read people while peeking at the tarot guide book at the same time. It was cheating so I wouldn’t count that.

Officially, I learned how to read tarot on November 2011, several weeks after I switched my religion to Wicca. (I converted just before Halloween 2011)

Where did you learn it?
I was actually just intended to meet some group members of Spiritual Keeper Indonesia (from Kaskus) to discuss about magick in general. But I ended up meeting this one guy whose name is Sam Syde on that meeting. He eventually became my mentor for quite some time.

What are the steps of doing the reading?
The steps are pretty much different for each readers. Some readers like to go along with a specific kind of spread, some readers think it would be better if they shuffle the card themselves (to keep the energy intact from yours), and some readers will surprise you with just one card that they won’t need to read some other cards for your questions. I believe that different readers have different signatures in steps.

I myself am pretty much the random type. I can do all the steps above, depends on my mood, my deck (yes, for most readers different deck has different effect), and the person I read. If they want to shuffle their own card (out of curiosity most of the time), it’s fine with me. But if they’re too scared to try, sure that’s fine as well.

all of her deck

Was it complicated in learning tarot?
I think it’s an enormous, big fat lie to say that learning tarot doesn’t have anything to do with occultism. In my experience and also among any other friends, learning tarot can only be easier for people who have supernatural talent. In this case, sixth sense. Why? 
Because first, if you don’t inherit the talent, you can still do it by learning how to interpret every single cards’ symbols and meanings. But there are 78 cards (with 22 Major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana), so good luck with that. If you have the talent, sometimes the answers just come to you. Like, it just popped up in your head. 
Secondly, having the talent means you are more likely to know if your answers are based on illusion or the truth. Being a reader means you have to be responsible with your words, for some people will not easily forget it. (TRUE STORY) So be careful with it. Just because you want your best friend to break up with her boyfriend doesn’t mean tarot predicts it that way.

I didn’t try to imply that tarot is not accessible for people without talents or whatsoever. Everyone can learn how to read tarot, but how to say it’s going to be complicated or not is based on this mystery factor.

According to my research, tarot is a game in the old days from europe. Is the game & the tarot reading different?
Sorry, I actually don’t know much about this.

What are your other hobbies besides tarot readings?
Hmm, that would be performing arts (singing, dancing, acting), reading, and playing Sudoku. NERD. Hahaha.

Are there any witchcraft & tarot groups in jakarta/indonesia?
I have been trying to find some witch covens in Jakarta, Indonesia, but I haven’t find any yet. If you’re interested, you can google "Spirit Keeper Indonesia" to know more about various kinds of magick (not just wicca).

For tarot reading, you can check "Klub Tarot Jakarta"’s Facebook page. They have a lot of interesting events to attend and I’m sure you’ll learn much from them. They love to teach newbies. :D

Any advice to rookies who are learning tarot reading?

1. Be yourself. Do what you wanna do. Just because other tarot readers are so cool with card tricks and all doesn’t mean you have to do it as well lol.

2. Listen to your heart, not your head. When you’re doing your reading, stop listening to your logic.

3. Do not assume that by mastering the art of tarot reading means you know everything about everything. Stay hungry for more knowledge and wisdom and keep yourself curious.

4. Stay humble.

5. Always be prepared for mistakes. We’re humans, we make mistakes. So don’t worry. :)

6. More importantly, enhancing your spirituality does help your reading accuracy. Have you done your prayer today? :)

Thankyou kaaaak :D

You’re welcome!!!

Canti has also been featured in two well-known local magazines

To take a wider look on her rad life, check out her twitter, instagram, or blog. 

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