Saturday, November 9

a good kind of drizzle

i turned sixteen yesterday! i'm glad the universe is still staying & helping me to celebrate. i had an ok day yesterday. it was raining, which was good, but it flooded as well, which was bad. and we had to practice for flag raising in the drizzle and we walked through the flood (which caused my feet to have red dots ouch!) but besides that, it was good.

ara and i finished our ken ken problem (i may have caught the ken ken addiction disease so beware), and due to the rain, the eleven and twelve graders gathered and shared warmth by playing truth or dare, and me listening to the truths people were confessing. we had a student council meeting as well, and we talked about a lot of things.

i'm just glad i spent the day well. oh i also bought a new book called 'how to read a person like a book' which i think is genius. oh here are my new year resolution:

be wiser
organize my time & things better
read more books
start saving money for the legal road trip*
travel more
exercise more
decide what i'll be majoring in university and where i'll be taking it
pray routinely
be more environmental friendly
participate more
own a macbook pro*

so for the first star, trista and i have been planning our 'finally legal' road trip. by legal, we mean twenty one years old. i mean, you're allowed in every cafes, pubs, and all kinds of event! but when you're seventeen all you get it an ID card and that's it. that's why we wanted to travel when we're twenty one. we decided to travel firstly around europe, which will be pricey. therefore, we wanted to start saving up from now, so when we're twenty one we have money, money, money.

the second star is owning a macbook pro. hah! i don't own a laptop, because my previous laptop was so old it almost exploded??? it was scary so i decided not to use it anymore. i need an apple laptop because they're better for movie editing and photoshop and stuff and if i am going to take design communication in college, i might as well have the best of the best, now shouldn't i?

that's it for now. i had a great day yesterday, and i hope everyone who's a november person will have a great month! happy birthday to you who's celebrating the birthday today!

the one behind the monitor,

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