Thursday, December 19

All The Young Dudes


hi lovers! so continuing with the class meeting stories, on sixth and seventh day of the games, the student council held a biopore making at school. biopore is an organic hole in the ground which can absorb water during heavy rain which won't flood the area. we decided to make biopores because school's back yard are always covered with flood during heavy rain and we want to decrease that. and on the seventh day, a.k.a the last day of the games, we held the class performance where each class has to perform something. i was happy with this year's class performance results because everyone were so into it and it turned out into a beautiful compilation of performances. oh and guess what? my class won the overall winner. so it was pretty cool. #11OXFORDfor2013

gathering organic trashes a.k.a. leaves and stuff

The biopores we had to make was about 1 meter deep from the ground, and it was hard to make the hole because the instrument we had to use was heavy and the soil was also slippery which made it tricky. but we did it! so cheers to us!

the kiddos form SDN 04 Ciangsana getting ready to line up

our 'funny' MCs

Adelaide boys

Rio De Jainero's drumband

Oxford's musical play

"...and my daddy said 'Stay away from Juliet,'..."

"...My faith in you was fading..."

"...he knelt to the ground and pulled out a ring and said..."

This year's class meeting was much of a success! Although there were things we had to go through, but it was OK and it's not human if there weren't any mistakes. Most of the photos from all the class meeting posts are taken by Verix. He's a very trusty photographer and cameraman (most of the times ck). Thank you to Pilar Student Council 2013-2014, the teachers involved and every one who participated in the games!

the one behind the screen,

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