Sunday, December 29

Welcoming in the New Year

For this year has been fun, exciting, and full of good and bad surprises, I think I actually achieved one of my New Years Resolution which is to dig my interests a little bit deeper. I am now proud to say that I am interested in cars. Although I don't really like all those mechanic stuff, but I really love watching Top Gear on BBC Knowledge. This year I also learned more of the advantages of blogging, and the power of social media. Going Scuba Diving has always been on my to-do list since forever but I got my diving license this year and I am very proud of myself of achieving that. And last but not least, my communicating skills has develop. I tend to communicate more with people I rarely talk with, and I became good friends with some of the younger grades. And I also did two interviews (via email) this year which I am very proud of. 

I remember writing in my 2013 diary that in 2013, I will try to read all of the books Charlie (from Perks of Being a Wallflower) has read, but it was hard finding the books because most of the books are old school or a classic. But I did manage to read twenty books this year! My last book of the year is Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov (reading it right now). And I am happy to say that my first book that I'll be reading in 2014 will be IQ84 by Haruki Murakami.

Anyway, these are my 2014 New Years Resolution:

1. Open another bank account that is specifically for savings only.
2. Save my money for either a concert, a road trip, or a specific something that i've been drooling for.
3. Read more books than I did in 2013 (including Charlie's books)
4. Have more interviews featured in my blog.
5. Dance more (and probably get some $$$ from it.)
6. Own a Macbook Pro.
7. Ace my Personal Project.
8. Get my Lomo films printed.
9. Cook & travel more.
10. Learn more Ukulele chords & ways to play it.
11. Make more videos. Also posts that means something (just like Nirrimi's posts)

Those are my top eleven resolutions for 2014. I hope I could achieve most of the thing above, even though i know it won't be easy. But I'm up for it. Everybody knows that to be successful in something you need hard work but as well plenty of rests. And I am determined to do both in 2014, wishing all my hard work will pay off even though not in the form I always thought of. But it's good to be surprised because things in life aren't predictable. 

Borobudur Hotel, July

Bandung, March

Swimming Time, I forgot

Shang Ri La, June

Handhorf, March

This year has been fun for me and my friends. There were heart breaks/break ups by not only lovers but also friends and families, and people we don't even know. There were make ups as well, and those make ups seems warm and endless, you wish you would make up with everyone forever, but you know you won't because there will always be a conflict some time. Then we had tons of sighs whispering around whenever we were tired, hopeless, feeling like poop, or when we have no money to get what we've dreamed of. We also felt the change from one semester to another, and how it affects the relationship we will have with other classes. And when people leave for college, that was one huge thing to sink in into our brains knowing we won't see them everyday again. Although I still haven't truly understand the difference between people I love and people I think I love,  I know who is really there for me and who isn't. But most importantly, is that I have traveled along the year with people I care about most and things like that is irreplaceable. I am such a lucky little girl to have come to such good family and friends.

Grimes, March

IFFEHC, August

Fishermen Wharf Market, March

i hope each and every one of you have a very warm and cheerful New Years Eve. Because if you're still alive even though you've gone through an emotional stage in your life or you just did some crazy effed-up exam, you deserve it.

the one behind the screen packing to go to the beach,

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