Wednesday, December 11

With Every Heart Beat


This week, the high schoolers of my school are having the class meeting (a.k.a. class games). on Monday, we had basketball & mini soccer tournament for the whole day. My class played three games on that particular day, and the sun shone brightly I almost fainted due to the lack of water and the sunbeams beaming through the not-so-much-of-a cloud. 
The next morning, my whole body went from sore to sorer, and the swimming competition was that day! I couldn't do things quickly, but I managed to do it slowly and patiently. Since some of my friends that were supposed to swim suddenly couldn't make it, we had to find other swimmers. Good thing two of our friends brought their swimming suits. After the swimming competition was over, when we were about to take a shower, the water stopped coming and we had no water to shower with. So my PE teacher told us to wash our hair with the water from the pool, and we did.... And we had fun and we couldn't stop...

them heartthrobs


Anyway, after two days of class meeting, my class only one mini soccer in first place, and basketball in second place. We still have cooking competition tomorrow, and some games against the teachers. I hope my class gets into the top three dishes tomorrow, because we've got our best cooks doing it!

Today I seemed to piss off a lot of people, and those people seem to piss me off as well. But I realize those things are normal because you wouldn't be normal if you don't have any conflict in your life. Plus, time heals everything. You just have to give it a chance. I'm glad we had this conflict though, kind of make us honest about each other.

I can't wait for tomorrow, and the day after, and so on until school finishes and the holiday starts.

the one behind the screen,

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