Tuesday, January 28


2013 last art class product

The third week of January has been tense, surprising, and fun. I had the Jakarta Move In's auditions last Saturday. It was really nerve wrecking but I managed to stay calm and I did my best. I even made some friends. I know my audition isn't the best of the best, I'm not sure if it's even good. But at least I tried for the part, and in a way participated. If I get the part, things will get even better (and busier). I've started to make the Personal Project (PP) journal today and I just can't believe I'd have to come out with the PP product in four months. Anyway, today was crazy because almost half of my class didn't come to school due to the flood. I arrived at school by 8.30 and thank God the class was just doing their PP, so I missed nothing. We spent the day mostly working on our PP and physics mobile. Ifa had private accounting and economics course because she was the only humanities kid who came that day.

During science classes, I spent most of my time with the boys because my girl friend is hanging out with another class mate. I like it when I spend quality time with other gender because I get to see things from their point of view. I get to hear their conversations, their weird jokes, and all their madness. Today Oji brought cards to school and it was weird but satisfying to see Oji and Wibi throwing cards towards the wall with no purpose at all. It was also fun because them boys made me my own straw trumpet. I don't know where Oji gets his ideas, but everything he has in that brain of his is either fun or weird...

I also received some great news that I am (finally) going to change my phone. I've been using my Blackberry since I was in 8th grade, and well let's be honest, no matter how crushed your phone is you'll always have a special connection with your phone. I love my Blackberry so much because of how comfortable it is, and how I just know its broken and loose parts. But technology moves on and so must I. So either tomorrow or the day after will be the last day I will be using my beautiful Blackberry. Thank you Gemini Two for being there for me during awkward moments. And being there for me when my iPod dies. And being there when I need to search ukulele and guitar chords, or school researches when I don't have a laptop. And just thank you for going through all the hits and bumps I made you go through. The pictures in this post are some of the pictures I took with Gemini Two. Good memories.

babies i bought in Adelaide

five minutes in damar's roof top before our road trip to bandung

ifa's and my chili plant; umbel & embel

2014 new year

I don't have any more thoughts to write about. I just cannot wait for February 1st because Jakarta Move In will announce the casts that got in, and I cannot wait for the second of February as well because I will be attending Singing Toilet. I miss watching mini Indonesian gigs!! And just until the end of the semester, I cannot wait to attend the disciplinary training camp on April/May, have my PP exhibition on May, and I cannot wait (actually no I don't want it to happen too fast) for the twelve graders to graduate.

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