Thursday, February 6

Out Of Touch With Reality

This week has been really busy, and my thoughts are spreading throughout my brain very fast. I jut wanted to share what i've been thinking about lately:

1. What I Think About When I Think About Relationships♡
This was supposed to be a personal thaaang, but I think it's really pretty, and pretty things should always be shared.

"I love you because when I get mad, you don't ask me why I get mad. Not straightly, at least. But instead you drive me to Starbucks or any other quiet cafes with free WiFi, buy me a cup of green tea latte, and let me work. During I work, then you'll ask 'what did I do wrong?' And i'll answer 'nothing. You just annoy me too much sometimes.' And you'll hug mep. You asked me whether you'll be in my book, and yes you will. I don't know if we'll get married, or break up along the way, but either way, I want to appreciate your existence in my life during the process of my book, and I don't know how to thank you any other way except to love you and put you in my book. At 10 pm, you'll drive me home and drop by my house. My parents and brother aren't home yet so you accompany me. We watched TV, and practically make all kinds of snacks there are. My maid is fast asleep because tomorrow she has to wake up early. My mum, dad and bro got home. You stayed with us and went home at midnight. Mum told me how lucky I am to have gotten a guy like you. Dad says you really love me because he acted the way dad acted around mum when he was young. My brother really likes you because of your gaming skills and pretty much because you're bad ass cool. My maid likes you as well because you're always finishing her food, and giving her compliments, and inputs when she needs one. My driver thinks you're a good guy because you're very responsible and you get along well. Tomorrow you and I are going to my cousin's wedding. I hope my big family likes you the way people at home likes you. I hope all our effort and prayers comes out with a satisfying result. And I love you, I love you, I love you because you are you, and not somebody else."

2. Home Is Wherever I'm With You
Home is not about where you live, it's really the people you spend your time most with. I'm lucky because my house is my home. The people in my house are the people I grew up with, and they know me better than anyone else. My maid has been with my family since 2006, my driver has been with us since he was 16 (he's now 36 i think). School has been my second home. I've been there since 2006 and in 2015 i'll finally graduate. The teachers, security guards, cleaners and staff knows me well, and I know most of them as well. My class has only 12 students, and they all feel like my siblings. I don't like each and everyone of them, but they're not your siblings if you don't hate them once a while. It feels like time goes soooo fast you can't catch up.
When you travel a long way from home with the people you love, you don't feel homesick because you're home already. And traveling around the world never feeling homesick is the best type or traveling there is!! 

3. I Want To Travel
Trista and I have been planning travel plans for this year. We wanted to go diving again somewhere in Indonesia. It's been years since I went to Bali and I miss it soooo much! I want to spend two weeks in Bali and just go around to all corners of Bali. I also have a dream to go to Korea. Some people on Instagram went to Korea lately, and I can't help but to fall in love. I really want to go there during winter so I can feel the real winter. And then there's Europe. When I'm 21 I will travel around Europe for a month and just let go of responsibilities for a while. I will go around Venice by boat and Rome by a motorbike with the oh-so-charming tour guide. I will also go to every museum there is in London and pretend to understand fine art. And in Amsterdam I will visit the shooting locations for The Fault in Our Stars and get all types of flowers. There is just so many things I would love to do!!! I pray I can achieve all these things. Because it would be really cool if I could.

Today you lovers are lucky because you get to read the good-hearted side of me, and all mushy, dreamy and stuff. I hope you had a nice morning and will have a better afternoon.

the one behind the screen,

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