Thursday, March 20

To be lost is an awfully great adventure

Funny how our mind can play tricks on us. Last week, I was sleeping and my maid woke me up. I told myself that it was a dream and I should really get back to sleep. So I did. And my maid woke me up again, then I realized it wasn't a dream. This past few days I have been re-in love with Sofia Coppola's Lost in Translation (spoiler alert: i haven't watched the movie). I'm re-in love with it because last saturday I watched Her with my cousin. Joaquin Phoenix, Rooney Mara, Amy Adams and the wonderful Scarlett Johansson starred in the film. It reminded me of Lost in Translation because it was located in a city full of surprises and lights, and as well as the role of Scarlett Johansson. I love Her so much because of how sweet, honest and somehow both innocent and guilty the movie is. 

After being re-in love with Lost in Translation, I started saving screenshots of the movie onto my phone. Seeing the pictures, it then reminded me (again) of Japan and China. The oriental decorations, the film's colour and temperature, the surrounding... I want to go back to China (Beijing) and/or Japan (Tokyo) and just stay there for a month or two. I would want to feel what it's like to (temporary) live in a big city, and be able to walk from a place to another. If I had the chance to go to China again, I would go to Beijing during Chinese New Year so I can really feel the culture going on. If I could go to Japan again, I would of course stay in Tokyo, but I would also like to visit Osaka, Kyoto, and other cities. Maybe even go to Mount Fuji! It would be fun just to travel by myself, like Scarlett did on the video above. After all, what is life if you don't explore a bit more. Exploring.

It's really messed up how our mind is able to make us want something. To need something. but that is how the mind works. and sometimes I still don't understand my own mind. Especially when it is feeling more than one feelings simultaneously. Anyway, I will be going to Yogyakarta with the tenth graders for the discipline bootcamp. We will be there for seven days! Imagine how tired we will be! and how we'll look like!!! I'm not like super crazy excited for it, but I guess I'm pumped about how it's going to turn out.

Oh and also! My personal project interviewing part is almost done! I am only three girls away from finishing the interview. But if you guys have a friend or a cousin (either boys or girls) from the aged 16 - 29 years old who is busy or have to jobs simultaneously, please contact me! Or if you think you're busy and is qualified with all the terms and conditions above, please volunteer to be in my book because it will be a huge help if you guys will. You guys can see my contact media on this page.

I hope you guys will have a great last weeks of March! (and three weeks to the president election! have you decide who you want Indonesia's next president to be?) Ciao!

the one behind the screen,

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