Saturday, April 26

Dear Boys and Girls

I know it's a little too late to talk about Hari Kartini, Indonesia's very own national women's day, but things happened not quite a while, and maybe talking about how powerful women are is what you guys and i need right now.

So Ibu Kartini made people see things differently, which is women should be viewed and treated equally as men. Women should have the rights to be educated and go to school, not just sit at home sewing clothes and cooking. A lot of things (since then) have changed. Women are allowed to be educated, to work equally as men, to participate in sports that were once were only for men. But there are people whose mind is still stuck back then. Who sees women one step lower than them, who underestimates women all the time, who plays with women thinking they're toys, and so much more. 

If people like this still exist, then we haven't really change, have we? We kept telling people to be polite and to be civilised, but look at yourself first before telling people. I honestly haven't feel a hundred percent polite or civilised, but at least I admit it. Earlier today, my friend and I talked about how most boys still think girls are toys. They flirt with more than one girl simultaneously, and I don't think that's right. At least it's not right if the girl they're flirting with are friends. It's really saddening and disappointing to know some guys like that. Aren't they ashamed of being like that?

I don't want to see guys in a bad way, but there are some guys who are douche bags and meant to be look at badly. There are also bad girls who are meant to be look at badly. Actually, there will always be some part in a human being that is/are bad, but sometimes, people tend to show more of their bad side instead of showing their good side, which is a pity. All I'm saying is that I wish people would self assess themselves and fix all the broken parts. I wish some men would stop thinking that girls are lower than them, or girls are only meant to serve men, or girls are toys. Because they are not. We're not. I'm not. And I wish some girls would stop thinking that they can get anything they want, because you can't. The point is to respect each other.

I really love my friend because she's awesome and amazing in so many ways, and she's always telling the truth. Today she really opened up my mind about the things I wrote above, and I'm really lucky to know her. "We have assets that brings all the pervs to the yard and apparently you (pervs) are the insane ones over here. We (girls) have been mentally judged and categorised as insane. Have you ever been judged that way? F no." I'm not aiming this text for anyone in particular (actually I am haha!), but this text works for both girls and guys, and just everyone really.

This is a long post, but it's worth it because once a while, everyone needs their brain to be refreshed about this kind of thing. Girls are not toys, not servants, not punching bags, not tease/sex-items, and not an item to be stared at. Girls are human beings who are as strong, as fun, as smart as boys. Boys are not Genies (they can't buy you everything), slaves, and so many more. I can't really stop talking about these kind of things, because it has to do something with feminism (movement which supports equal rights, not men-hate), religion and science. I wish everyone is like Feminist Ryan Gosling. My babe.

Here's a video of Paul Rudd being all cute and cuddly and i just love him.

Anyway, I hope you had a great Saturday, because I did. Sort of. I got tickets to Ismaya's We The Fest, so yeah I'm super excited for August!

the one behind the screen eating strawberries,

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