Wednesday, April 16

Finding Home

Hi there pretty people! My three days holiday is over because tomorrow I have to go back to school for a student council event #ugh, but then there's a public holiday on friday, so yay! I haven't been reading any other book since I finished Allegiant, maybe it's because I am still emotionally attached to the book hahahah. So for the past few days I've been exploring Youtube on videos of Divergent interviews, Lorde performances and interviews, TFiOS videos, vlogbrothers videos as well, and last but not least, Zac Efron's shirt stripping during the MTV Movie Awards 2014. I can't stop looking at it. He's the man. He really is. I watched The Paperboy and 17 Again yesterday, and looking at Zac Efron makes me want to die and he's just really perfect you guys. HELP.

Other than that, I found a book on Danno's bedside table called Tweets for Life by Desi Anwar. It's a book filled with 200 tweets by Desi Anwar that will help make our life better. I love the book because it does not only contain tweets (in english and bahasa!) but also photographs that Desi Anwar took while she's traveling! The pictures are marvellous and it makes me sad but excited to see the world when I'm old enough and I have enough money.

I have a plan that when I'm older and have the money, I would at least spend 3 weeks in a country. So by doing that, I would be able to visit the hidden places on the map and just enjoy the vibe a little longer. I kept saying that I want to go to Japan, South Korea, Greece and UK, but in the meantime, the pictures at Desi Anwar's book kept begging me to visit New Zealand! I am so in love with the mountains there!!! It's so pretty and it looks really quite. I have a plan of going there with two or three other people. And maybe if Indra is still in NZ, I would make him come with me. 

Other than New Zealand's mountains, the sandy beaches at Kenya is amazing. I can't wait to visit Africa and go around the place. I really want to have an adrenaline week in South Africa, and go dive with the whale sharks in Djibouti, visit the pyramids in Egypt, go to Kenya because of all sorts of things, and so many places to visit!! 

I have so many dreams and so many places I wish to visit! I hope when I'm older I get to experience all the experience I need.

Have a great night, lovers. And congratulations the twelfth graders for finishing their national exam. I'm still waiting for the after party you guys.

the one behind the screen,


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