Sunday, April 6


So does anyone knows this blog's logo? It's located in the header. It is a drawing (by me) of a flower/semi-sun, and inside the circle, there lives two crescent moons and a heart. This illustration was inspired by Nirrimi, who calls her daughter moonflower (i just knew moonflower is really a name of a flower oops), and the term moonflower just came rushing into my brain making me think of everything. And so the DARIANDRA logo came.

I have a huge crush on this moonflower thing. All the elements inside DARIANDRA's logo is all of the things I would like people to see me as. 

A flower/semi-sun - growing up in an environment but still having my roots attached into something (i truly believe in), being cheerful and spreading positive vibes to others
A moon - able to adapt in different environments and surroundings, being there for someone when they need to talk
A heart - understanding, empathizing, and feeling

I don't know whether I have become DARIANDRA, or maybe i have but I haven't been applying it with other people, either way, I have an aim to become what DARIANDRA is.

Other than applying DARIANDRA in my blog, DARIANDRA has been applied into other type of artworks of mine. In most of my paintings, the logo will be there in different styles. I am so happy that I am able to earn this logo by myself, and over time, I feel that DARIANDRA has become me.

Have a great day, my moonflowers.

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