Friday, May 23

A Sigh of Relief


Today my class and I just had our Personal Project exhibition. The preparation to this day was unbelievably tiring and stressing. One of my friends blew up this morning because of one tiny thing, but she managed to be okay. The journey to this day wasn't easy. We had student council activities, student activities, child activities, friend activities, and just Being A Person activities that slowed us down from completing our PP. But guess what? We're here! And we're done! My class finished our PP even if it wasn't all our very best performance, but we did it! I am proud of myself, and my friends because although we complain, sigh, and think a lot, we are able to finish it on time. And I also so proud of my teachers because they are able to support, be there and be patient for us (that's what teachers do so obviously). i'm just so proud and happy, and relieved. Yes. Relieved is the correct word right now. Although there will be the end semester test next week, this weekend I'll be enjoying my weekend off from school. Happy happy happy!

Art Installation by Andre

Anya's lungs looks like kidneys

My product HURRAH! Cover by Om Arlan Shadily

Details of my display board. LOVE THE STARS RIGHT

Tasya's ideas on how to learn productively

'Orang-orangan' by Oji for Tasya's display

Andre's second art installation God I love the lamp


For those who have seen my product/book, here are the list of people I interviewed! I am so sorry that you (public) cannot really see and read the book because I only printed it for school, myself, and the girls. Anyway, if you are interested in the interviewees, here are their social media!

Ify Alyssa's twitter
Eleonora Jessica's twitter
Armadina Azzahra's blog
Dinda Puspitasari's blog
Sabila Anata's blog
Andien Aisyah's site
Tatjana Saphira's twitter

Again, thank you for the gal and guy pals who visited Grade 11's Personal Project exhibition earlier today. Your visits made us all very happy (and tired, but okay). 

I reread The Fault in Our Stars and cried yesterday. I am scared that I might cry like a baby when the movie starts!!! Oh and I am beyond happy that I said a line from TFiOS to my friend today who complained about his PP.

Him: All the hard work, and the result sucks
Me: The world is not a wish-granting factory, man

And then I smiled, telling myself "Good job quoting TFiOS, Jan. Good job."


  1. Congrats on the Exhibition, Grade 11! The projects were amazing! Proud of you all!


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