Wednesday, May 14

Chasing Days

Hi there lovers! right now I am really busy preparing for my personal project, and all the teachers are simultaneously giving my class reviews before the end semester test, as well as practical exams. All of these activities has cause my body to decrease its productivity. My body loosing its productivity has caused myself to have weak immune system, therefore, I am having an almost-cold and some dandy-but-sort-of-serious stuff. I hope I can wake up my inner body to get its productivity back, so I'll get back on my feet and quickly finish all this semester's projects.

Here are my mood boosters this week (because I am having a really bad week!)

 Little things make me happy

I had pizza today! Yay!

 this looks so relaxing

 Moss the Boss


Those are the pictures that has been haunting me for the past week, and I think it will always haunt me wherever I go. Have a great Wednesday, dearest heartthrobs and babes. Also, Happy Vesak to those who celebrate.

the one behind the screen,

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