Tuesday, May 20

The Water Rocket Experiment

This week was the practical exam and review week. Yesterday we had a review for biology, history, math and chemistry. And today, we had physics and religion practical exam! Both practical exams are so much fun! For physics, we were divided into two groups to make a water rocket. Our water rocket turned out awesome and cool, and oh I just love science! In eighth grade I did water rocket experiment as well, but as my class get older, we decided to do it a little bit more complicated. Instead of cutting rubber and plug it into the bottle lid, we used pipes, and then plug the pump-end to the pipe. I don't really know how to explain it in here hehehe. But we all had fun!

For religion, we had to perform on how to take care of a corpse according to the religion, which was fun as well. It was sort of dusty, but it was cool. Today was fun. It really was.

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