Sunday, June 15

Into The Void

Last night, Saras and I talked about space, because I told her to open NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day. Here's our conversation:

Her: I totally will check that out.
Her: I wish I could live in space.
Her: Have you ever wished you could just see planets through your own eyes?
Me: I have i have
Me: :(
Me: I wish i could like have a camp on the moon u know
Her: Same, i've always wondered if there's something out of this galaxy.
Her: If there's another species living in another galaxy.
Me: Well i personally believe in aliens and shit
Me: i haven't seen proof
Me: but i like to believe that they exist. i mean earth is in a galaxy and a galaxy is in a who knows what and a who knows what is in a void
Me: I mean it's pretty scary if we're the only ones around
Her: Exactly!
Her: I mean to know that other planets and galaxies are abandoned is just strange.

And then I send her a line of alien emojis.

The first time I opened the site was a few weeks back, which I knew from rookie. That day, NASA was showing a live stream video from one of the satellite's up above. Sadly, since my internet is as slow as a turtle, I couldn't watch the video without it buffering every second. But ever since then, I constantly check their page to see new views of space and its surroundings. Here are a few of my current favourite space views.

New York to London Milky Way by Alessandro Merga

A Scorpius Sky Spectacular by St├ęphane Guisard

Obviously space is literally the best thing ever. But also a little bit scary isn't it?

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