Thursday, June 5

Kampung Halaman: Jakarta Raya

I was exploring 8tracks and I stumble upon some Indonesian playlists. I found a playlist on Jakarta which was published a few times ago and I fell in love. Obviously not with Jakarta entirely, but with the Jakarta vibes the playlist has made me think. Sometimes I feel all mushy about Jakarta, but when it's flooding or the unexplainable bloody traffic, I always want to fly away. Therefore, on Jakarta's birthday, I have made a playlist about Jakarta which I adore so much. Along the way of making this playlist (which includes listening to other Jakarta playlists duh), I realise that Indonesian music is even wider and better than I expected. It's probably because most of the songs are from indie records, or old records. But either way, I am so happy I discovered them! One of my favourite song is Matraman by The Upstairs. Its opening makes me feel like I'm in a Japanese game/TV show, which makes me happy because it reminds me of my childhood! God, Indonesian music. They are so good, I can't believe I just realise it now. 

Anyway, i know your birthday is on the twenty second, but whatever. Happy birthday, dearest Jakarta. Here is my gift to you.

matraman - the upstairs

kisah dari jakarta selatan - white shoes and the couples co.

ode buat kota - bangku taman

i fall in love in jakarta - cindy bernadette

anak menteng - slank

a small piece of heaven - club 8

hai monas - naif

pelan tapi pasti - white shoes and the couples co.

aku cinta j.a.k.a.r.t.a - c'mon lennon

senja di jakarta - banda neira

tunggu aku di jakarta - sheila on 7

partynaseous - lady gaga

selatan jakarta - dewa 19

jakarta motor city - sir dandy

berwisata - the adams

kembali ke jakarta - koes plus

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