Friday, June 20

Seize The Night


This past few weeks my friends and I have been busy preparing for prom! The day to yesterday was hard work, and I am so, so glad it is over! This year's prom theme was Seize The Night: Paris! Yes! We did something a little Parisian, even though it's like 20% Paris and 80% random cities, but we did it! I was the PIC of the event, and I assigned Wibi to make the Eiffel Tower because I know how good he is in building things. With all the help he could get, we have an actual 3 metres-high eiffel tower in school. We had difficulties of choosing the location, budgeting, etc. but I'm so glad I have an amazing team! So honoured to work with my classmates and the eight graders!

Early morning, the committee went to school to do some finishing within the venue decorations, consumption, stage and all. We were so stressed out and tired, so Tasya, Anya & I cooled down the crazy atmosphere by doing 'yoga'.

This year I decided to use my mum's sleeveless turtle neck + cheerleader mini skirt + stockings + Naima heels. Saras and I also decided to go as Marina from Marina and the Diamonds. We call ourselves Marina Twins just because. Here are some of the pictures my friends and I took during the preparation and the D day!

Grease Lightnin' people!

To be honest, the prom wasn't what I was expected, due to the large amount of house music instead of enough amount of all genre songs, as well as unexpected things (an almost fire!!!) but everyone was having a good time so it was good enough for me. Ifa, Oji, Wibi, Alif, and I even performed My Chemical Romance's NaNaNa which was a disaster, but then again, people were singing with us so it was cool. Our door prize stock was too much for a one night show, so I told our cheesy MCs to throw away the door prizes because it is time to go.


see my Marina heart below my left eye?

I had fun. Sort of. I didn't get to eat because I was so dizzy, but that don't matter because my hunger was payed off by both teacher's performances! The vibe their performances created was amazing, and I felt like i was in a concert and I miss that. So thank you bapak-bapak guru for making feel that concert vibe once again!

Look at the stars, look how they shine for you

I love these guys so much they are awesome

it's devastating to know that Seize the Night will be my last time being a committee of a prom (after four years!). I remember the first PSC who held prom was my generation, and it was still so ugly and weird, but it's a good start. Next year I'll be attending a prom hahah! It's so weird... Anyway, I'm sending a bunch of thank yous to those who have participated in anyway in this year's prom. I hope the next committee will be able to see this year's prom as an example, and make it into a better one.

For more photos, go here.

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