Thursday, June 12

Wish Granting Factory

Last month I said I couldn't wait for it to be June. Today I am stating that I cannot wait for school to end. Even though the holidays are coming soon, I don't really enjoy this so called free time during school time (not free time actually, cause I'm the PIC of an event). Everything's coming at me like I'm a big lollipop and everyone are the ants. It makes me dizzy and feel like I need to stop and just give up, but then I read The Maze Runner, so I keep on going.

When the holidays starts, I have to go to school a day because there are going to be Australian students visiting our school and doing charity near. I don't have any plans for the holidays, so I guess making Australian friends don't seem such a bad idea. Also, on the beginning of next semester, there will be a group of CISV people from around the world coming to school. Grade 11 (which by then will be in grade 12) is in charge of the whole thing. And guess what? My friends and I are going to dance Lenggang Nyai! Yay! 

But other than getting excited for that, I am dead tired and I wish the holidays could start sooner.

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What is love?

PS: I finished Sputnik Sweetheart and The Maze Runner this week.
PPS: The Giver is filmed and I cannot to watch it. I read the book in 6th grade, which means I'd have to reread it.

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