Friday, July 18

86400 Seconds Well Spent


A month and a few weeks ago, my teacher told my friends and I to search for an opening dance, and we decided to do Lenggang Nyai. Since I know the routine, I decided to teach my friends. We practiced for two weeks in total if we mash all the practices. We were told that we would be dancing for the 30-ish visitors from 15 different countries. And then my teacher told me they were from CISV. And I was like 'OHHHHHHHHH ok'.

On Tuesday, after eating sahur, I stayed awake to take a quick shower, pray, and prepared for the dance. I did the basic make up, mum did the eyeshadow, and I did my hair. I loved my hair because I look like a ballerina.

We arrived at school at 7, and we rushed and panicked into things. At 9 we performed. We did good. For a school group, anyway. But yeah, we were good.

His pink cheeks makes me happy

After dancing, Saras, Tasya & I got chosen to be a part of being the usher a.k.a. guide for the CISV people. We accompanied them making Batik in wooden bracelets & cloth. I saw a few girls who did the Batik better than any of my classmates, even though it was only their first time. The guys were wicked, and fun, and goofy. After two hours of Batik making, we had Nasi Bali for lunch. But, I didn't eat lunch, because I was fasting. Oh, I also met my cousin's friend, also a CISVer from Indonesia, who happens to be my brother's JB in his local camp, who happens to be my friend's friend and so on. What a small world!

After Nasi Bali, we had gamelan & angklung practice for the CISVers. I accompanied the gamelan group, and they were really good. Alfred had trouble in the beginning of playing the Bonang, but then he got good at it. But Cristina switched instruments with Alfred, and he ended up playing the Saron if I'm not mistaken. At the end of the day, both angklung and gamelan groups performed. The gamelan did very well, as well as the angklung team. And then we took pictures, also they wrote on a piece of cloth their comments about the day they had. Thankfully, all the comments were either "I learned a lot about Indonesia", "You have a big school", or "I had fun! Thank you!". We sang Kitos before ending the day.

Burung Kaka Tua

Writing comments about the day

It's been a while since I participated in CISV activities, and singing Kitos made me miss participating, and meeting my CISV friend.

After the day at school ended, my brother & I went to our primary friend's house to break our fast together. We had Bon Chon Chicken, Dominos Pizza & meatballs for dinner #vivajunkfood. Afterwards, we watched Paranormal Activity 4 below the pillows and blankets in her room.

I am very grateful that it was a day well spent.

PS: I am very happy and proud of my friend who got into ITB & UNPAD! Congratulations dearest Rifkha and Amel!!! Sending my love to you right now x

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