Wednesday, July 30

Eid Mubarak

My mushy heart is finally satisfied with the Eid vibe! Happy Eib Mubarak 1435H my dearest lovers! And happy holidays to those who don't celebrate! Eid has always been a pleasure for me because I get to meet my far cousins & relatives! What's not too good about Eid is probably the intake amount of calories! The greasy & heavy but glorious food... Oh guilty pleasure!

I have no kampung. I mean, I probably have one but my family's based in Jakarta so we don't really go mudik. I have never gone mudik, and I don't think I will because mudik is such a painful event! Stuck in the car for hours due to heavy traffic. This year's different though. I thikn plenty of people decided to stay in Jakarta on the first day, and go mudik at the second day of Eid. The traffic in Jakarta & its outskirts was insane! 

Eid means new clothes, guilty pleasurable foods, silaturrahmi, THR & plenty of family photos! Eid also means forgiving others, apologising, giving second chances. I think people who carelessly give broadcast messages don't really mean that they're sorry. They just do that to celebrate the day. That's why sending forgiveness is better in a personal chat.

My Eid this year was tiring than ever because of the unplanned traffic. but I had fun meeting my dear cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, grandaunts, granduncles, nephews & nieces! I also visited new houses, and those houses are spectacular!

I had a great Eid, and I hope you have one too. Happy holidays! x

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