Monday, July 14

I'm Still Here

Remember when I told you I have a cheesy blog of myself? i swear it's getting cheesier and cheesier. The unscheduled-but-probably-monthly-or-pretty-much-whenever-i-want-to mood board pictures are mostly taken from there, so if you guys need a little inspiration or mood booster, please pay my digital mood board a visit!

School is starting, but it ends in a week and we'll have a month of holiday! I am really happy! I would probably cook and bake during the holidays, also if I get accepted for the work I'm applying for, then I'll work (Bismillah!), and then there will be a lot of catch-ups to do with friends, and I cannot wait! I've always love Ied vibes because 1. Jakarta gets quiet 2. Less traffic 3. Family catch-ups 4. Food 5. Food 6. Food. The typical Ied food would be opor ayam with lontong, and I'm pretty sure I'll be eating opor in so many houses on the D day. But as I grow older, I want to decrease eating chicken (white meat) just because.

Here are a few things that made me happy for the past few weeks!

Tomorrow my school will get a visit from CISV's Step Up programme! Super excited! Have a great night!

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