Wednesday, July 23


1. Selamat Hari Anak Nasional! A big, warm, and fuzzy hug to all my fellow Indonesian kids and adolescents all around the world! Early this morning, my face was covered with mum's kisses because she was congratulating me on being a kid. Being A Kid. On Being A Kid, she asked me what I wanted, and then she stopped herself because she knows that I will want a lot of things. And to be honest, the only thing I want right now (if asked as a kid), is for the adults to bring back Oreo O's.

I'm serious you guys, Oreo O's was a huge part of my life. Throwback to when I wasn't allowed to buy them every month because one box costs like Rp. 70.000, so I bought them every three months. Every time we bought Oreo O's, my late sister and I would save it as much as possible because we didn't want it to end. The endless pleasure of having marshmallow and black biscuits stuck in our teeth, pressing the marshmallows for it to be as small and hard as it can be because it is more tasty when it hardens. So please, bring back Oreo O's if you really do care.

2. I decided to tell myself to decide what major I'm going to take in university this holiday. I'm searching the majors I'm interested at, and considering the things I might get in learning the subject. Right now, I have chose a few majors, which are: Marine Biology, Advertising, Dance & Performance, or Graphic Design. My mind is manipulating my choices and I can't really make up which major I would like. I took an online test on what career I should have when I grow up,:
Oh yay a diver!

3. I listened to two great playlists for the past three days.



Have a great night, lovers.

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