Friday, July 25

Tokyo Gazing: Tokyo 2012

After I stayed in Shanghai for five days, my dancing team and I went to Japan. We only stayed for four days, and even though we didn't really dance there because of reasons, we still had fun going around Tokyo and Ariake.

When we arrived at the airport, it was already 11 pm so it was very quiet. A security guard came up to us and he told about when he went to Lombok to surf!! Awesome or what?? We checked in late at Hotel Sunroute Ariake, and it was raining so when I arrived at my room I went straight to bed. In Japan, everything is really pricey so you gotta think before you buy food, things, or entrance tickets. That's why during my stay I mostly eat the rice + seaweed thingy from Lawson, but I don't really mind because it's too good! The trip was short and we didn't get to explore each corner of Ariake (our hotel was in Ariake. It's like the BSD of South Jakarta. So it's quiet far from Tokyo) and Tokyo, but I had fun. Stopping at hidden stores and cafes was awesome and it makes you feel like a real urban city explorer. Most of the pictures I took was at Tokyo Disneyland, because I was too lazy to bring my camera everywhere (typical fourteen year old).

This was at the animation studio in Ariake

Having to edit these pictures and videos make me miss Tokyo so much!!! It's quirkiness, craziness & prettiness all packed up in one. I feel guilty of not taking as much pictures as I can. I remember going to thrift shops at little alleys, accompanying my older friend into J-POP/K-POP shops, seeing huge screens everywhere, clean toilets (!!!), a huge three-floored Forever 21 store, and the Harajuku fashion attire! 

To be honest, I wouldn't mind if I need to work at Disneyland as one of the dancers! It looks so fun and exciting, and being a part of the family sounds great!

That was my first time going to Disneyland (There are only two Disneylands in Asia: Hong Kong & Tokyo), and I feel so happy in such a long time. Of course, the people I went there with wasn't as adrenaline-junkie as my cousins, but I was okay with it. The theme of the park when I was there was Halloween, and everybody said that Disneyland on Halloween is the best. Lucky me! 

Boo's door!

Helen and Bob Parr a.k.a. Mr & Mrs Incredibles

When I have the money, I would love to go back to Japan and travel to each of the country's corners. My love for Japan will never die.

This picture makes me miss Disneyland so much

With my kakak on our way back to Jakarta

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