Friday, August 22

69th Birthday


On the 18th of August, my school celebrated Indonesia's 69th Independence Day by having a flag raising ceremony and some old-school tujuh-belas-an games. Luckily I was chosen as the flag raiser, and I am really glad I got chosen, because it would probably be my last time being a flag raiser at my school (senior freaking year!!!). The flag raising committee and ourselves were very happy of our performance (the flag did not turn upside down, thank God), and we just gave ourselves a pat in the back.

that's me on the far left

the flag raising team

After the ceremony, we changed to our sports & tujuh-belas-an attire, and were distributed according to our houses. We had a yell-yell & SPI March song competition, estafet bendera, tug of war, makan kerupuk, cabut koin dari kelapa (i don't know what this game is called, but you'll se the pictures) & balap karung. The last time my school held an Independence day competition was five years ago. We stopped having competitions because whenever it was the Independence day, we were in the middle of Ramadan.

when teachers lost playing tug of war with us high schoolers

cabut koin dari kelapa

my trusty photographer, Verix

Too bad during this Independence day, I was having sore throat, and it made me drink an amount of water-- but it was fun.

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