Sunday, August 17

A Happy Birthday


This was Chacha's last birthday before she moves to Seattle, USA. She asked [begged, to be exact] for a surprise party, and so I said yes. She probably thought I was joking around, and wouldn't make her a real surprise party, but because of the good friend I am, I did make her a surprise party. Complete with letter balloons, eggs party, a chocolate cake & the appearance of her beloved boyfriend. 

Firstly we decorated her living room with our letter balloons. After that, us girls woke Chacha up. It was quite hilarious because apparently her sister was sleeping in the same room as Chacha was, and my friend almost woke up her sister. Because they look exactly alike. We covered her eyes, tied her hands, and brought her to the tree in front of her house. Then the egg cracking, coke & juice spilling started. She couldn't do anything about it, and that was when she realised her boyfriend was there.

We sprayed her with water because she smells, and then we blew the candles.

Obviously I wasn't in much of the pictures because I was the [lame] photographer. My Indonesia's Independence Day was well spent with my friends, a bowl of Udon, and The Expendables 3 (Antonio Banderas was gold). I hope the independence day you went through today was well spent as well.

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