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The Odd Club: An Interview with Saras Anindita


Earlier this week, Saras and I decided to have our Life Therapy. I think we’re gong to make it a semester-ly or term-ly thing, just to loosen ourselves from this crazy amount of time called Life. And what makes it even worse is that we’re in high school. We recently had a sleepover, and I used that sleepover to interview her. This interview consists of random things that I wanted her opinion on.

Janis: Hi my name is Saras and... ?
Saras: All right. I, for one, am a female. I have a very weird name, apparently. I kind of am a bookworm. I am also very odd, they say. I’m not sure what’s so odd, but in general I am… odd.

What’s your definition of a well-spent day?
A well-spent day? It should be spent productively. I think sleep is actually productive.

A productive thing to do, because your body needs rests, and you can get crazy if you don’t sleep. You can die [if you don’t sleep], just so you know. So sleep is very important, and it is a productive activity… Some how… Yeah, a well-spent day should also be spent by doing sports, which I don’t do… Also, it is spent with your friends and all that. Socialising is nice.

How can guys win your heart?
Don’t be cheesy. I don’t want guys to, I don’t know, pick flowers for me. That makes me throw up. Well you know, just be cool. Um my definition of cool would be… Michael Cera. Or Oliver Tate from Submarine. They’re cool.

Do you think equality is important?
It is important, because discrimination sucks. It breaks your heart. Because I’ve been discriminated once or twice or even more, and it messes your mental health in a way, and then you feel scared, and living in fear isn’t a very good idea. And you should be enjoying life before you die. I think that people shouldn’t discriminate others. We’re actually the same. I mean, you can have a penis, and I can have a vagina, but at the end of the day we’re humans anyway. You can be rich; I can be poor. I can be rich, and you can be poor. But at the end of the day, we’re just tiny people, and no one’s greater than God.

Holla. What are your thoughts on the Israel – Palestine conflict going on right now?
I think it makes the Muslims rage, in a way. It’s really sad that war still happens in the 21st century. What I dislike about it is how people connect religions, when it’s actually just politics. In general, I just think that it’s sad to see that we are in a modern world, and you still see people killing each other over greed.

Did you know Palestine is not a Muslim country? My dad told me yesterday that it’s actually a Christian-based country, but many Muslims live there. By the way, what do you believe in? Remember when I told you I believe in feminism, my principles, my religion and science?
Oh ya… Um, okay, what do I believe in… I believe in my religion. I believe in positivity, because it makes the world go round.  ‘What You Think About, You Bring About’. I’ve been reading this book called The Secret.

What first-concert would you like to attend to? Because I know you haven’t been to a concert before.
Haaah yeah! I would go to The Strokes. I’ve been listening a lot of them lately, and I think going to their concert-- OR Paramore.

What do you think a concert is like? I mean, I’ve been to concerts, so if you ask me, I would like, know what happens.
I think a concert is like...

How would you feel if you’re at your first concert?
Like a true teenager!

Ugh I would probably feel crazy, filled with hormones, in a good way. It increases your adrenaline level, and you can’t sleep at night because you’re too happy.

What are you afraid of?
Spiders! Sometimes, death. But death is inevitable, so whatever.

How do you think people see you?
Odd, eccentric. It’s probably because I dress up weirdly, but I’m used to it.

Are you glad you’re friends with me?
Yeah! Because we’re practically the same person! I didn’t know we would actually be so similar. Which is like so weird…

I think we have the similar interest, but different personalities. Remember the D.I.S.C. Personality Test? We’re totally different. I got Dominance and you got Conscientiousness.
I know! I’m such a perfectionist!

We’re so similar, but also different.
I don’t think two people can be a hundred percent the same.

Do you think we’ll be friends for a long time?
I think so. Apparently the Internet makes it easy for people to keep in touch.

Why do you think schools encourage their students to go to university so much?
I think that… If you have a degree, it would be easier for you to get jobs. And these days, people tend to be more competitive than ever, so I guess that’s why you should have a degree. But if you’re into arts stuff, I don’t think you should spend so much money on university, and just go to art school or something.

How do you see yourself?
Oh God that’s a hard question. I don’t know… I see myself in a variety of ways. Sometimes I see myself cheerful, wildly depressing, or odd! Because that’s what people say.

Do you believe in what people say about you?
Sometimes. I think people have a lot of perspectives. I don’t really mind, because some of them might be right.

What are the things you’re most grateful of?
My friends, and family. The fact that I have both my primary and secondary needs fulfilled. 

Favourite blogger? The Road Is Home / Nirrimi Firebrace
Place you want to visit most? Right now, Malaysia
Pet peeve? People who whine too much. & people who cuts themselves
One item you can’t leave home without? My wallet
Pancakes or waffles? Waffles.

Saras Anindita is a fifteen-year-old gal who is a writer, a videographer, a photographer, a chef, a dancer, and pretty much whatever she wants to be. She gives hugs to everyone.

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