Monday, August 25

This Sick Beat


The oh-so-called Jakarta's own Coachella has come! Yesterday, Ismaya's first summer festival, We The Fest was held, and it was breathtaking.

A few months ago I heard Ellie Goulding was coming to Jakarta. I couldn't help but to purchase the tickets, even though the rest of the artists hasn't been announced. I was hoping for San Cisco or, better, Lorde, to come to WTF, but apparently the universe says no. Nevertheless, I was introduced to another Australian band, Miami Horror, which blew my mind away by their performance.

After having my dancing lessons, I had a big, big lunch so that I won't starve to death during gigs. I arrived at Parkir Timur Senayan at 2.30 pm, where the area was still rather empty, and the sun was striking hot. My cousin wandered around the area, stopping by Porta Potties, which I have never used before, until yesterday. At 3-ish, the Banana-palooza stage was doing a sound check, so we moved our bodies to the stage. Apparently, the well-known Lala Karmela was going to play, and it's been a while since I heard her songs. She was stunning. Her dress, oh it's beautiful! She's like Jakarta's very own Ellie Goulding.

I have a crush on this guy gawwwhd

By the time Lala ended, Trista and I sat down under the big tree to rest our legs for a while. We saw the people coming in, with their hippie-est clothes and painted faces. If only the area was more grassy, and less concrete, it would feel more and more like a true summer's festival.

Everyone rushed to the Clown-chella stage, where Maliq & d' Essentials were going to perform as the main stages' opening act. We squeezed our petite bodies in between people's, and got ourselves a great spot, right in front of the stage.

Seeing Maliq & d' Essentials live made me miss my junior high days, where all I did was watch live music everywhere at anytime.

After the gig was over, we grab a bottle of water, and sat down from a distance, watching Goldroom and his DJ set. The crowd was insane, and I would want to be a part of it, but my legs were killing me already (post-dancing-legs)! By my place, I saw the gorgeous Sonia Eryka and her fiancé, hugging with Lala Karmela.

After Goldroom was finished, we ran towards the Clown-chella stage to get a nice spot for Miami Horror. Lucky us, we get to watch Timeflies' I Choose You performance, which was sick.

Trista and I stayed at that stage from 6 - 9.30 ish. We decided to get out of the crowd, and grabbed ourselves a drink. We knew we couldn't have our good spot back, knowing that after Banks was Ellie Goulding.

Azealia Banks, I thought, would be someone like Nicki Minaj (no offense, but I'm not a fan of Nicki). But instead, she was wickeddddddd! Her rap is so good, and she has this really, really long and beautiful hair, wish it was mines! Banks was pretty sick as well. How she moves and dresses reminds me of Lorde.

And then at 10.45, it was time for Ellie Freakin' Goulding.

If Azealia is the queen, and Banks is a goddess... Then Goulding is the princess warrior SHE IS GOLD. I swear, Ellie Goulding is perfection. Her in between jokes, and funky dance moves are wicked! I was pretty upset that it ended almost midnight, which is why after Anything Could Happen, we decided to walk out. And while I was having a conversation with a friend, suddenly Burn was playing and I just walked to the exit with a sad, exhausted, but happy face.

Every music festivals and/or concerts must have its plus and minus: I think the venue should be on the outskirts of Jakarta, like Ancol, or Sentul, so that we could actually feel the 'I'm-not-in-the-city vibe'. Since it's on a Sunday, most people cannot stay late because they have to work or go to school early in the morning. So maybe next time it could be held on a Friday or a Saturday? I think the no cash thing on the food corner is an excellent idea, since it helps build aware so people won't bring too many cash. but do you think you can share that information a few days before the D day? 

Overall, it is such a successful event, and I cannot wait for the next We The Fest.

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